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Lachlan is a journalist and producer at Forkast working from Melbourne, Australia. His work can be found in numerous magazines in Australia on topics ranging from culture to science. Lachlan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Macleay College in Australia.

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August 2021

Crypto miners set to be snared by U.S. infrastructure bill

A landmark US$1 trillion infrastructure bill moved one step closer to becoming law on Sunday, notably without carve-outs for cryptocurrency miners and network validators. What does it mean for the industry?

Google lifts crypto advertising ban

In a long-awaited reversal of a 2018 policy decision, Google will allow crypto exchanges and wallets to advertise on its platform in the U.S. But not everyone’s happy.

Will Facebook’s metaverse future transform how we live online?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a vision for metaverses — online worlds that one day will replace big parts of our offline lives. But some say that future is already here.

FastForkast headlines

US Senate passes $1 trillion infrastructure bill with crypto tax requirements

USDC issuer Circle to become full-reserve digital currency bank

Bitcoin’s price rises above $45K as gold and silver slump

Tether unveils reserves and backing for its USDT stablecoin in new report

First SEC DeFi bust made in US$30M fraud case

Cardano’s Alonzo Purple testnet begins onboarding users

Cambodian state digital currency sees strong uptake

New York Times article explores underbelly of memecoins

Decentralized music streaming platform Audius reaches 5M users

Venezuela launches CBDC amid runaway inflation and currency redenomination

U.S. infrastructure bill set for possible change following crypto industry backlash

Binance partners with Shopify and others to offer crypto payments online

Mastercard partners with Australian exchange for crypto card

SEC chair labels crypto industry ‘Wild West,’ asks for more powers

Bitcoin SV suffers a new 51% attack

HSBC blocks UK customer payments to Binance

Miami prepares launch of city cryptocurrency

Square acquires Afterpay for $29B to expand into ‘buy now pay later’

Crypto crimes surge to record levels in Hong Kong

U.S. infrastructure bill could bring sweeping regulatory changes to crypto

Japan’s Monex and SBI report strong Q2 results

August 2021

Tether rejects claims of renewed scrutiny over suspected bank fraud

World’s largest stablecoin dismisses report suggesting possibility of U.S. investigation, despite claims of recent Justice Department interest and track record of legal woes.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin to star with Mila Kunis in NFT-based show

As non-fungible tokens make their way into TV with a new funding model and method of building community, who better to lead a project than the head of Ethereum himself?

Axie Infinity fans play their way to payday as game token prices soar

Play-to-earn game Axie Infinity has caught the blockchain community’s attention in the past few months as the price of its governance token has kept rising. Now it’s hit an all-time high, players are earning some serious money.

Reserve Bank of Australia is exploring a CBDC — despite skepticism

The Reserve Bank of Australia is researching the implementation of a central bank digital currency — despite not seeing a need for it.

Bull run or BS? Where will crypto markets go after the Bitcoin crash?

Soaring BTC and altcoin prices earlier this year drew in new investors, who now worry about the current slump. Will crypto prices rise again, or are modest valuations here to stay?

FastForkast headlines

Japan’s Monex and SBI report strong Q2 results

Robinhood closes 8% down in underwhelming IPO

PayPal unveils plan to greatly expand crypto services

Stoner Cats cause trouble on Ethereum as NFT cartoon goes live

Dogecoin for dog food at Brazil’s Burger Kings

Mastercard launches new crypto startup accelerator program

Robinhood seeks to protect traders from crypto price volatility

IMF issues thinly veiled warning against crypto as legal tender

Goldman applies to launch decentralized finance ETF

Amazon denies Bitcoin payment rumors

NFTs, smart contracts come to ADA as Alonzo mainnet debut approaches

Crypto-ransomware connection draws U.S. Senate scrutiny

DeFi puts down roots in the Bitcoin network

EL Salvadorans protest Bitcoin adoption bill

Australian buy-now-pay-later fintech Zip to launch crypto trading

NatWest blocks customer payments to Binance

Australian bourse warns of centralized exchange crypto custody risks

SEC Chair Gensler: stablecoins could be treated as securities

Tesla ‘most likely’ will accept Bitcoin again, once environmental targets are met, says Musk

Robinhood seeks market valuation of US$35B in upcoming IPO

Mastercard partners with USDC to pilot crypto payments

Bank of Canada makes case for CBDCs

France calls for EU securities watchdog to regulate cryptos across bloc

Axie Infinity’s AXS token falls nearly 50% from peak

Street performers embrace digital payments as cashless society emerges

Dogecoin rallies as Musk dons sunglasses

DeFi lending platform Aave to ‘build Twitter on Ethereum’

Bitcoin mining difficulty drops further as China ban begins to bite

Rolling Stone launches first NFT of cover featuring pop star Tones and I

Visa to launch first Bitcoin-linked card in Australia

U.S. basketball player’s game-worn shoes go on sale as NFT

India’s ICICI bank blocks foreign crypto remittances

S&P Dow Jones launches 5 new crypto indices

Grayscale registers large-cap crypto fund with SEC

UAE central bank announces roadmap for CBDC launch

Diamond sets record for most expensive object bought with crypto

Axie Infinity token AXS price hits all-time high, Small Love Potion also surges

Elizabeth Warren warns over crypto risks, presses SEC on regulation

Bitcoin parallel currency plan proves a hard sell in El Salvador

Bank of Thailand denounces crypto anew, warns against use of crypto as payment

Robinhood sees near-threefold rise in women users, COO says

Jamaican state digital currency set for launch next month

Argentina proposes allowing salaries to be paid in crypto