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Lachlan is a journalist and producer at Forkast working from Melbourne, Australia. His work can be found in numerous magazines in Australia on topics ranging from culture to science. Lachlan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Macleay College in Australia.

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October 2021

Australian Tax Office warns: taxpayers on the hook for crypto tax earnings

Officials are concerned that many investors may not be aware crypto trading is taxed in a similar way to share trading.

Bitcoin price crosses $50K, but market dominance continues falling

This is the second time the world’s largest cryptocurrency has hit the mark in recent months. Does that mean this price point is here to stay?

Axie Infinity revenue plunges, while AXS price breaks new ground

It’s been quite a run for the world’s leading play-to-earn game, but as its monthly revenue takes a hit, what’s in store for the future of the game?

Central and Southeast Asia among fastest-growing regions in global crypto adoption: Chainalysis

Much of the growth in the region is driven by strong grassroots adoption rates led by Vietnam, India and Pakistan, new data from Chainalysis shows

FastForkast headlines

Tether lashes out at report that claims it is not 100% backed

SHIB price surges, biggest gains since May

U.S. crypto enforcement team to target cybercrime

Sky Mavis receives $3B valuation in funding round amid tumultuous period for Axie Infinity

Bug bites DeFi protocol Compound again

October 2021

Evergrande’s uncertainty rocks crypto market

Crypto investors and industry watchers are following closely the potential collapse of Chinese property giant Evergrande.

Boba network announces mainnet launch of layer 2 optimistic rollup

ETH 2.0 is expected to address transaction speeds and gas fees on the world’s number two blockchain, but a growing number of layer-2 protocols are looking to solve those issues today.

El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption, one week on

It’s hot on Bitcoin Beach and the Twitterverse, but the new legal tender doesn’t have uptake elsewhere in the Central American country.

Solana crashes, SOL prices tumble as network scrambles to restart

SOL had been on a tear but is now losing ground. Is Solana a victim of its own success — or does the network have deeper problems?

Walmart, FTX and Animoca Brands hit by crypto misinformation

Scams and fake news have long dogged the crypto world. This week saw two major blockchain companies and a global retailer get swept up by hack rumors or hoaxes.

Altcoins have their day in the sun as market pulls back

A few altcoins managed to stand out coming into the working week as Solana’s tear comes to an end.

Cardano set for Alonzo launch, smart contracts and NFTs to come

Cardano’s Alonzo hard fork will bring smart contracts and NFT support to the world’s third-largest blockchain. What will it mean for the crypto market?

Markets shed 10-15%; experts say not to worry

Despite significant losses across the board, industry experts are not too concerned, seeing the plunge as normal market behavior.

El Salvador today becomes first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender

The Central American nation opens up the next chapter in the history of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

Fractional ownership of the Doge meme hits $400M valuation

What does it mean to own an NFT? Furthermore, what does it mean to own a billionth of an NFT? For Doge lovers, it might be a good investment, or barking mad.

Australian consumer protection body issues warning to crypto investors

The Securities and Investments Commission warned against investing in digital-asset financial products. Some say the warning lacks specifics.

FastForkast headlines

Bug bites DeFi protocol Compound again

Crypto investors brush off Evergrande

After Singapore, Binance pulls back from Australia under growing regulatory pressure

Cosmos price reaches for the stars as market remains firmly on the ground

U.S. Treasury prepares to recommend stricter regulation on stablecoins

Insider trading scandal rocks world’s biggest NFT platform OpenSea

Reserve Bank of Australia posts CBDC job position

Australian banks defend decision to shun business with crypto providers

Solana launches into sixth place as price tear continues

Bitcoin miner Blockstream partners with Macquarie for zero-carbon project

El Salvador ‘buys the dip’ as Bitcoin price tumbles one day after adoption

Solana price reaches new ATH; historic run goes on

SOL, DOT, ETH are the biggest movers in a week of continued price growth

SEC launches probe into Uniswap Labs to cease trading in Singapore

Japan’s SBI Holdings announces plans to launch crypto fund by November

‘Crypto Dad’ Giancarlo steps down from BlockFi board

SEC charges BitConnect founder with $2B ‘textbook Ponzi scheme’

FTX FTT token hits all-time high after LedgerX acquisition

El Salvador creates $150M fund to assist with BTC adoption

Dogecoin spawns more pups with Doge NFT split into tokens for resale

September 2021

Ethereum network splits into two; update is urged

A network patch designed to fix a bug on the Geth network has led to the world’s second-largest blockchain splitting in two.

Coinbase partners with Mitsubishi UFG for entry to Japan

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S. has partnered with one of Japan’s largest banks to gain market entry. What does the move say about the Japanese market as the industry is rocked by yet another crypto exchange hack?

OpenSea dumps Pepe the Frog NFT series

Despite having verified it, and with investors already spending millions on the project, OpenSea has delisted the NFT series after being notified by its creator.

FastForkast headlines

Dogecoin spawns more pups with Doge NFT split into tokens for resale

Billionaire investor John Paulson calls crypto “worthless bubble,” backs gold

Square’s Jack Dorsey to build decentralized Bitcoin exchange

Websites can now have ETH sent directly to their domain name

AAX to launch its own NFT marketplace, following other crypto exchanges

Cardano Foundation partners with Coinfirm for AML/CFT compliance

Hacked crypto exchange Liquid secures $120M loan from FTX

Celsius Network grows 1,900% this year, US$20B AUM

Dogecoin is going to the dogs, including real-world canines

USDC to be 100% backed by cash, US Treasuries

El Salvador rolls out 200 Bitcoin ATMs ahead of nationwide adoption

Liquid crypto exchange hackers use ETH mixer to evade detection

Aussie tech entrepreneur offers Bitcoin to those vaccinated against Covid

El Salvador’s finance minister says Bitcoin is ‘totally optional’

IBM, Nomura to use blockchain for plastics recycling in new consortium

Dogecoin Foundation re-established, Vitalik Buterin now on board

Twitter’s Bluesky announces new project lead

Fitch warns El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption will drag down credit rating

Microsoft, Alibaba to build antipiracy system on Ethereum

U.S. Treasury eases concerns over crypto reporting requirements

Cardano ADA breaks $2 for first time since May as Alonzo launch date announced

Asia leads world in crypto investment, report says

Iran tax authority pushes to legalize crypto exchanges

Accenture falls prey to ransomware attack

SEC’s Gensler tells Warren: crypto investors not adequately protected

OKEx lists new Dogecoin spawn amid DOGE price surge

BitMEX pays US$100M to settle AML, KYC compliance breach charges

Cardano ADA surges 20% with smart contracts on the horizon