Just as Dogecoin prices are once again going to the dogs, a Chicago animal shelter is asking for DOGE donations to help real-life dogs in the dumps.

Fast facts

  • PAWS Chicago has launched a “Dogenation” campaign, which allows animal lovers to donate to the charity in cryptocurrencies — not just Dogecoin — via QR codes embedded in advertisements around the Windy City. A mash-up of two memes within the crypto community, images of puppy dogs and laser eyes, the ads feature canines with red laser beams shooting out of their eye sockets.
  • Laser eyes can often be found on social media profile pictures, particularly on Twitter, to show that an account holder is bullish on a cryptocurrency. Originally used as a signal that the person believed Bitcoin would reach US$100,000, the laser eyes meme has since broadened to symbolize general support for the crypto industry.
  • Created in 2013 as a joke on Bitcoin, Dogecoin reached incredible highs during the crypto bull run earlier in the year, rising around 1,100% in less than a month to reach US$0.7364 and kicking off a host of other copycat “memecoins,” including Loser Coin, Shiba Inu Coin and Baby Doge. After reaching a post-peak low of US$0.1633 on July 20, Dogecoin prices had been gaining steadily along with the remainder of the market reaching a high of US$0.3489 early last week — its highest point since early June. The price of DOGE has since been steadily losing ground, however, and is now trading at US$0.2942 at press time.
  • Copycat token Shiba Inu’s prices followed Dogecoin closely last week, hitting a high of US$0.000009403 a day later — on Aug. 17 — before also falling sharply. Shiba Inu was trading at $0.000007632 at press time. Meanwhile, Baby Doge was not seeing as much luck; after a brief publicity boost from major crypto exchange OKEx, which announced it was listing the meme token, Baby Doge prices rose 25% briefly to hit US$0.000000002362 before plummeting. Baby Doge is trading at $0.000000001299 as of press time.