Twitter’s much anticipated decentralized social media standard, Bluesky, finally has a project lead in crypto developer Jay Graber, Graber announced yesterday on her own Twitter account.

Fast facts

  • Bluesky was announced in late 2019, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said decentralization could address some of the key issues surrounding social media, such as moderation. “Centralized enforcement of global policy to address abuse and misleading information is unlikely to scale over the long-term without placing far too much burden on people,” he tweeted referring to the project.
  • Graber’s previous projects involve event planning platform Happening and privacy coin Zcash, which used zero-knowledge cryptography to secure transactions. She was also the recipient of a grant from the Ethereum Foundation for a decentralized project named InterRep, which aims to verify social media accounts.
  • In a blog post earlier this year, Graber wrote: “Efforts to decentralize social networks hope to structurally change the balance of power in favor of users by giving them the ability to change services easily and control their identity and data.”
  • As CEO of global payments company Square, Dorsey also said the firm was looking to start a new business focused on “building an open developer platform with the sole goal of making it easy to create non-custodial, permissionless and decentralized financial services. Our primary focus is Bitcoin.” In response to the payments company moving into decentralized finance, DeFi platform Aave’s founder Stani Kulechov suggested his company might seek to “build Twitter on Ethereum.” No further announcements have been made, however.