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Lachlan is a journalist and producer at Forkast working from Melbourne, Australia. His work can be found in numerous magazines in Australia on topics ranging from culture to science. Lachlan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Macleay College in Australia.

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December 2021

Cryptocurrency prices take another hit in downward spiral

Macroeconomic factors and a spate of bad news override bullish outlook in crypto market as the year lurches toward its end.

Shiba Inu now accepted at GameStop, Lowe’s and Nordstrom via Gemini-backed Flexa

It’s come full circle: Shiba Inu holders can now spend their SHIB at GameStop — the company that helped trigger the memecoin trend.

Australia announces biggest overhaul to payments in 25 years — eyes now set on crypto

As part of a broader attempt to address Australia’s payments industry, the government offers a roadmap to where crypto regulation can lead in 2022.

Global markets downturn hits crypto as well; BTC trading below $50K

For the second weekend in a row, markets were hit with a massive shock due to external factors. Market watchers weigh in on price movements and what to expect.

LUNA, Shiba Inu Coin soar as Ethereum nears all-time high

As the market recovers from a weekend sell-off, Terra and Shiba Inu tokens shine bright while Ethereum eyes new price heights. What’s behind their rally?

FastForkast headlines

Solana suffers network slowdown, raising questions around proof of history

SafeMoon sees price surge following update to V2

Nexo and Fidelity Digital Assets expand institutional lending services

Bored Ape Yacht Club artist exhibits new NFT collection at Art Basel Miami

AussieMates NFT project launches for mental health awareness

Living ‘Eco-NFTs’ and holograms on display at Art Basel Miami Beach

1inch Network closes $175M Series B funding round

December 2021

BTC, ETH prices recover after market jolt following Omicron variant

The impact was relatively short-lived, and many major tokens had already retraced most of their positions from Friday coming in Asia business hours. on a price tear as Cardano, TRON plummet on eToro delist news

Cardano ADA and Tron TRX will no longer be available to eToro’s US customers next year while CRO reflects ‘going from strength to strength.’

How will decentralized hosting change the future of social media? | Part 2

As social media’s influence on broader society continues to grow, decentralized platforms will mean less central moderation — for better or worse.

What decentralization can offer Web 3.0 and social media | Part 1

How blockchain technology can usher in the next stage of the internet and social media, through decentralized hosting and integration with cryptocurrency.

ConstitutionDAO fails to win Sotheby’s auction

17,437 virtual strangers chipped in over $40 million to jointly buy a rare copy of the US Constitution. They lost their bid but now has everyone asking: What is a DAO?

Circle contributes to $4.3M Series A funding round for yen-backed stablecoin

As Circle expands into Asia as part of a global expansion plan, what does the investment in a yen-back stablecoin mean for the market?

Solana Breakpoint 2021 celebrates price ATH, technology and projects to come on the emerging blockchain

Rounding out an impressive year for the world’s No. 5 blockchain, Solana held its first global offline conference in Lisbon this week. Here’s a look at some of the key moments.

Crypto markets shudder as Evergrande fears re-emerge

As speculation continues over the fate of the Chinese property development giant, crypto markets were not spared the downturn over fears of its potential collapse.

Will El Salvador’s lead on Bitcoin inspire others to follow suit?

The Central American nation is the first to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. As many countries face similar issues of large unbanked population and high remittance fees, will others follow suit?

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices soar to new all-time highs, crypto market now worth $3 trillion

BTC and ETH are surging to dizzying new heights today as part of a broader crypto market rally. What’s going on?

Fashion, art, games and community: What does a decentralized metaverse mean for you?

The idea of the metaverse has gone from the realm of science fiction to the latest business model of major companies from Facebook to Nike. What do metaverses powered by blockchain look like, and why is there so much interest in Decentraland?

Can Axie Infinity go the distance?

The darling of the play-to-earn gaming world had an explosive start but now struggles with deflation and lower player earnings. Is the play-to-earn model sustainable?

FastForkast headlines

1inch Network closes $175M Series B funding round

Solana claims 1 transaction on its network uses less energy than 2 Google searches

AMC, Sony to release Spider-Man NFTs ahead of upcoming film

Amount of Ether burnt since EIP 1559 reaches 1M ETH

Metaverse tokens lead market growth; BTC options set to expire

Reserve Bank of Australia considers wholesale digital dollar

Australian superannuation fund considers crypto investment

ConstitutionDAO to shut down after unsuccessful bid for copy of U.S. Constitution

Aussie watchdog obtains cold wallet holding US$20M in Bitcoin involved with alleged scam

NFL players accept salary in crypto and DAO forms to buy NBA team

Avalanche price breaks into crypto top 10 as market sees red

El Salvador to build world’s first ‘Bitcoin City’ to be powered by volcanoes

IRS seized $3.5B in crypto in 2021, expects that number to grow in 2022

Snoop Dogg, deadmau5 join Outlier Ventures to invest in the metaverse

LA’s Staples Center to be renamed Arena

Biden signs new crypto reporting measures into law with infrastructure bill

Earnings for Axie Infinity players drop below Philippines minimum wage

Africa’s first CBDC wallet hits almost 500K downloads

Blockchain gaming firm Forte closes $725M Series B funding

Discord dismisses ETH integration amid community backlash

Beeple’s first physical artwork sells for $29M at auction

Discord CEO hints at integration with Ethereum to mixed response

Apple boss Tim Cook says he owns cryptocurrency

Coinbase reports 75% drop in Q3 profits — despite SHIB listing

Ethereum sets new all-time price high as crypto market cap nears $3 trillion

Federal Reserve to taper bond purchases, prompting concerns over BTC impact

Commonwealth Bank first in Australia to offer crypto trading

November 2021

Australian crypto industry watches as sole trader charges two top banks with ‘debanking’

While the government signals it is ready to promote the industry, the country’s banks remain unimpressed. ANZ has already settled its de-banking case with Allan Flynn, but as the tribunal with Westpac concluded over the weekend, what should we expect from the outcome?

Australia’s Senate releases long-awaited crypto report

The Senate unveiled its most comprehensive look at blockchain regulation, hoping to transform the country into a global industry leader.

Bitcoin reaches new all-time price high, but in a very different market since last time

When the world’s largest cryptocurrency last reached a price high, China had yet to crack down on crypto mining, and there was no U.S. Bitcoin futures ETF. What do changing market conditions mean for the growth of Bitcoin and the crypto industry?

BTC price nears all-time-high as futures ETFs near approval

The U.S. could see a long-awaited Bitcoin futures ETF trading on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq in the next few days. Forkast.News spoke with market watchers to find out what it means for the industry.

FastForkast headlines

Commonwealth Bank first in Australia to offer crypto trading

New Australian ETF grants exposure to Bitcoin mining sector

Robinhood posts 78% decline in Q3 crypto profits

Byron Bay to host Australia’s largest Bitcoin mining operation — using green energy

Solana price hits new all-time high amid rising crypto market

ProShares seeks to alter BTC ETF after less than a week

SHIB reaches new all-time high, as DOGE surges as well

Walmart quietly installs 200 Bitcoin ATMs with Coinstar, Coinme

Where are Bitcoin prices heading as 2021 ends? 50 experts offer predictions

Australia’s ANZ settles in crypto debanking case

Facebook to create 10,000 jobs in the EU to build its vision for the metaverse

Sotheby’s to auction digital art in a digital world

Australian Securities Exchange to launch crypto-related ETF

Altcoin Stacks STX price surges 70% as crypto market slumps

Cryptocurrency now on the table for Aussie homebuyers

SEC approves next best thing to a Bitcoin ETF in the U.S.

New Zealand exchange closes $12M funding round