As interest in the metaverse continues to gain pace, big names in entertainment including Snoop Dogg, deadmau5 and Shaun Neff have joined leading crypto VC firm Outlier Ventures to invest and advise start-ups to accelerate the Open Metaverse.

Fast facts

  • Since launching its Base Camp Accelerator in 2019, Outlier Ventures has helped raise over US$250 million in seed funding for over 100 high-profile projects from across the world, such as Crucible and Biconomy, as well as supported the launch of multi-billion-dollar crypto economies such as and Blox Move.
  • Speaking with Forkast.News earlier in the year, Outlier Ventures CEO Jamie Burke said he sees the emerging metaverse as growing to become a single, unified space that can lead to increased openness, interoperability and opportunities. “The metaverse is composed of many verses, and the idea is that the metaverse is this unifying thing,” he said in a video interview. “It’s this kind of metaverse, this meta-economy, which sits above all of these different instances of the metaverse, these verses.”
  • Another economy Outlier Ventures has supported, Boson Protocol, is building an immersive non-fungible token marketplace on Decentraland, an Ethereum-based decentralized metaverse where participants can purchase plots of land as NFTS. “There’s this huge zeitgeist within the crypto space now for this metaverse commerce,” Justin Banon, co-founder of Boson Protocol, told Forkast.News. “The metaverse is giving us the ability to have all the benefits of digital, social and the ability to create amazing experiences and all of this stuff, but not having to travel — to make it fully immersive.”