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Lachlan is a journalist and producer at Forkast working from Melbourne, Australia. His work can be found in numerous magazines in Australia on topics ranging from culture to science. Lachlan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Macleay College in Australia.

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May 2022

Run on UST cuts the ground from under Terra’s feet

A probable run on terraUSD (UST) has weighed on the ability of the company and the non-profit behind the pioneering stablecoin project to defend its dollar peg.

Bumper April helps NFTs break out of bear-market territory

The non-fungible token market posted a strong bounceback in April. As one industry watcher tells Forkast, the nature of the rebound points to more room for recovery.

Has Bitcoin become a victim of its own success?

Except for a bout of recession in March 2020, Bitcoin has been fairly resilient to the vagaries of global financial crisis. But with murmurs of another recession gaining steam, Forkast examines the cryptocurrency’s relevance as a safe haven.

FastForkast headlines

Three Australian crypto ETFs to debut on Thursday after delays

UST loses dollar peg as Terra market cap slumps

Bitcoin, crypto market dive to lowest mark since February

Bitcoin falls with Nasdaq’s worst performance since 2020

Bitcoin flirts with US$40K as Fed stamps highest rate hike in 22 years

Wildlife conservatory Australia Zoo announces NFT project with Algorand

MicroStrategy posts Q1 revenue loss amid falling Bitcoin price

Kraken launches gas-free NFT marketplace

Algorand becomes 2022 Qatar World Cup’s new blockchain partner

Canada’s 3iQ could be first to launch Australian crypto ETF

BTC Markets partners with Australian Fashion Week for couture NFT

Wikimedia Foundation to no longer accept crypto donations

Solana loses consensus after bots flood network, SOL takes hit

Yuga Labs Otherside NFTs top US$285 mln; over US$175 mln in ETH gas guzzled

May 2022

Okay Bears NFTs record sellout helps Solana net US$2B in sales

A record sellout of Okay Bears NFTs helped Solana emerge as a viable alternative to Ethereum, the preferred platform for most NFTs.

Launch of three crypto ETFs in Australia delayed

After being on track to beat the US to the launch of a Bitcoin spot ETF, the delay is likely to undermine Australia’s desire to emerge as a top destination for digital assets in the developed world.

A fast one from down under: Australia approves BTC, ETH ETFs

While the cryptocurrency industry continues to wait with bated breath for a spot-traded Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) to be approved in the U.S., three separate crypto funds were given the green light in Australia this week.  Australia’s ETFS Management (AUS) Ltd., or ETF Securities, launched a Bitcoin and an Ethereum fund, in partnership with Switzerland-based […]

Will the dog have its day on Doge Day?

Holders of the world’s leading memecoin are hoping for a repeat of 2021 where a community effort helped propel the token’s price into the stratosphere. But one industry watcher says the market is a very different place now.

Axie Infinity’s latest fix to tokenomics has players up in arms 

An attempt to assuage Axie Infinity players miffed by falling earnings isn’t turning out too well for developer Sky Mavis, Forkast learns, as loyalists bemoan it may be too little, too late.

Cryptos slump over inflation, Shanghai lockdown and war concerns

Bitcoin and Ethereum were down more than 5% each in Asian trading hours as cryptocurrency markets slumped in lockstep with traditional assets.

NFT buyers dip for a second straight month

In contrast to the rising crypto market, NFT sales have declined significantly in March, but one industry watcher says there’s no need to panic just yet.

FastForkast headlines

Yuga Labs Otherside NFTs top US$285 mln; over US$175 mln in ETH gas guzzled

ApeCoin cracks US$26, now largest metaverse token ahead of Otherside

Bitcoin officially legal tender in Central African Republic

Kraken gets Abu Dhabi nod to offer full services in MENA

Bitcoin, stocks fall as US dollar hits two-year high; Doge concedes top 10

Twitter accepts Musk’s US$44B bid, sends Dogecoin to crypto top 10

Terra inspires Tron to pursue US$10B in crypto-backed stablecoin

Coinbase’s NFT market enters beta for select customers

Monkey eats dog, ApeCoin shines on Dogecoin’s big day

Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs landing in Australia next week

Terra Luna headlines crypto’s Easter resurrection, STEPN peaks

OpenSea sales volume drops as challengers boast user rewards

SHIB price pumps on Robinhood listing with SOL, MATIC, COMP

Bored Apes set for movie debut with Coinbase

Solana NFT sales gain pace after quiet OpenSea listing

European Union to track all crypto transfers

April 2022

Bitcoin, crypto market on the rise along with global markets

Volatility has been the name of the game in the past few months, but experts tell Forkast that may be coming to an end.

How to protect NFT intellectual property rights explored at Australian Blockchain Week

With explosive growth in the past 12 months, the non-fungible token industry is getting too big to ignore IP licenses, experts say.

Apes Gone Wild! BAYC ‘selling like crazy’ amid otherwise sluggish NFT market

Strong sales from leading NFT series may be a sign the market is maturing as investors become more discerning, observers say.

Renewables uptake: Bitcoin the problem or solution?

There is more to transitioning to renewable energy than one might expect, and in Australia, one Bitcoin mining company says the industry can play a role.

Russians turn to crypto as Western sanctions hit the ruble

As Russia’s economy began to tank, data shows many turned to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a store of value and means of transacting.

Aid for Ukraine: why a stranded founder turned to DAO and crypto

Stranded away from home, Web 3.0 company Everstake founder Sergey Vasylchuck realized he could still help his war-torn homeland Ukraine by raising funds through a DAO.

FastForkast headlines

European Union to track all crypto transfers

OpenSea’s Solana NFT integration, long rumored, is now real

Axie Infinity blockchain Ronin hacked for over $600M

Mastercard partners with Australia’s BTC Markets for payment options

Bitcoin ETF rejection could trigger Greyscale to sue the SEC

ASX blockchain upgrade delayed for fourth time

Ukraine’s NFT museum of Russian conflict goes live

Russia proposes Bitcoin payments for oil and energy exports

Meta files 8 trademark applications for cryptocurrency, metaverse

‘We may create another kind of elite,’ Animoca chairman warns

Crypto milestone on Wall St.: Goldman Sachs makes OTC Bitcoin trade

FTX heads Down Under as Australia looks to crypto industry

New crypto regulation — including tax reform — coming to Australia

Coinbase wallet announces support for Solana

Russia’s Sberbank obtains crypto license from central bank

Zelenskyy legalizes cryptocurrency in Ukraine

Zuckerberg confirms NFTs coming to Instagram

EU votes against de facto Bitcoin mining ban

Chainalysis launches crypto wallet sanction screening tools

EU says crypto included in sanctions against Russia and Belarus

Public will boycott crypto firms serving Russians: Ukraine minister

Coinbase blocks 25,000 Russian crypto wallet addresses

Russian banks turn to China’s UnionPay as Visa, Mastercard pull plug

At least 3M Aussies own some form of crypto asset

NFTs enter ‘mini-bear market’ as buyers drop to three-month low

Bitcoin, proof-of-work ban removed from European Union’s MiCA