Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation launched the Meta History Museum of War on Friday, a museum hosted on the Ethereum and Polygon networks that chronicles the country’s war with Russia through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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Fast facts

  • “Disinformation is used by Russia on a par with deadly military weapons in Ukraine,” the Museum of War tweeted on Sunday. “The NFT-museum is based on a deep intention to keep the memory of real wartime events via blockchain and raise charitable donations to support Ukraine.”
  • The “Warline” collection NFTs feature screengrabs of news reports, silhouettes of military equipment and images of explosions representing different days of the invasion.
  • While other traditional forms of record may be lost or deleted, NFTs cannot be removed or altered once recorded on the blockchain.
  • Each NFT is on sale for 0.15 ETH (US$490), with proceeds from the sale going toward military and civilian aid through cryptocurrency wallet addresses of Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.
  • All NFTs within the collection remain hidden until they are sold, a feature the museum describes as “unveil[ing] the truth buying Meta History.”
  • Cryptocurrency has proven to be a major source of funding for Ukraine throughout the conflict, with almost US$100 million received so far via DAOs and direct financing.

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