Australia estimates at least three million Aussies, or 11% of its people, own some form of crypto asset, according to a government-backed report published on Wednesday.

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Fast facts

  • Crypto has been on Australia’s radar, with the Senate Committee looking to capitalize on the booming industry and the treasurer’s inclusion of cryptocurrency in updates to the country’s payment system.
  • The Cyber Security Industry Advisory Committee (CSIAC), the committee behind the report, expects Australian crypto use to increase in the nation’s shift toward a digital economy by 2030.
  • However, the CSIAC found crypto’s pseudo-anonymity lets it remain a channel for serious criminal activities. 
  • “As cryptocurrency is not grounded in physical assets, it is hard to assign a value which means there is less traditional understanding and confidence, which impacts scale of usage and uptake,” the report states.
  • The Australian government founded the CSIAC in 2020 to provide independent advice on the country’s cyber security challenges. 

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