The lead artist behind the breakthrough non-fungible token series “Bored Ape Yacht Club” (BAYC), known as All Seeing Seneca, has released a new set of NFTs over the weekend at Dfinity’s Iconoclast gallery event at Art Basel Miami, according to the artist’s Twitter profile.

Fast facts

  • With over US$1 billion in sales attributed to the BAYC collection between its associated series Mutant Apes and Bore Ape Kennel Club, according to data aggregation site CryptoSlam, Seneca is one of the most influential artists in the crypto industry, and the release of her new series was met with great anticipation.
  • In contrast to the very stark and bright designs — obviously, mainly of apes — found in Seneca’s work on the BAYC collection, this new series features soft, surreal portraits of people — perhaps of Seneca herself — often with distorted body shapes and unusual patterns where the eyes should be. Four of the NFTs were listed on Seneca’s OpenSea page, with another yet to be released, which will be going up for auction in 2022.
  • At press time, the most valuable NFT — a picture of a person holding a miniature figure of an ape, perhaps in reference to the success the artist found with the BAYC collection — was listed for 3.1 ETH, or US$12,310 according to CoinMarketCap.
  • Forkast.News also recently reported on the Art Basel Miami event, as it was exhibiting other notable NFT projects. In what was possibly a world first, scientists and engineers had written the NFT of the signature of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry into a living cell, as an example of an “Eco-NFT.” The signature was taken from the document he signed with Lucille Ball and Desilu Productions in 1965, which made the original Star Trek series a reality. The exhibition also showcased NFTs displayed as holograms that were used to raise funds for ocean research.