Co-founder and CEO of popular social media platform Discord, Jason Citron, has hinted at integration with Ethereum via wallets such as MetaMask by tweeting a screenshot of Discord connecting to the world’s number two blockchain along with the caption “probably nothing.”

Fast facts

  • It came in response to another tweet by writer Packy McCormick, which was a link to an article in his newsletter which suggested Discord could be a “Web 3 sleeper” due to the platform’s 150 million active monthly users and deep ties to the blockchain community. Forkast.News has used Discord to connect with communities for reporting on Axie Infinity, NFTs and memecoins.
  • Not all Discord users are happy with the announcement, however, with a backlash prompting some users to unsubscribe from premium elements of Discord or otherwise distance themselves from the platform. These concerns related to the environmental impacts of Ethereum’s proof-of-work consensus mechanism, as well as a dislike or distrust for the non-fungible token marketplace, most of which is run on Ethereum.
  • Discord had released a user survey in August to gauge the community response to NFTs, entitled “Discord and Web3” which sought user opinions on NFTs, favorite Discord communities and what crypto-related problems Discord could solve.  
  • Earlier this week the venture firm of Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of social media site Reddit, announced a partnership with the venture firm of Solana Labs for an investment initiative in decentralized social projects worth US$100 million. “We are at a pivotal inflection point in these early days of Web3,” Ohanian said  in a statement.