Wolfram Blockchain Labs and Cardano are set to host a livestream event in which items from Wolfram’s computational universe will be “Liveminted” as NFTs on the Cardano network. Details of the event were shared on the website of Cardano’s parent company, Input Output Hong Kong recently, which said it would take place on July 28.

Fast facts

  • The Alonzo upgrades are being deployed in three parts, named blue, white and purple, with each incorporating further functionality with their deployment. The most recent upgrade, white, was released to the mainnet earlier this month and brought with it increased capacity for smart contracts for about 500 users who were also made validators.
  • Once Alonzo purple is fully deployed in September, the Cardano network is expected to have full smart-contract support capacity. It is also expected to support an ERC20 converter, which will allow ETH tokens to run on the network.
  • NFTs first appeared on the network in March as CardanoKidz; cartoon NFT versions of personalities from across the network.
  • There has also been a recent push to bring smart contracts to the Bitcoin network, where they were previously not supported. Layer-one protocol Stacks recently developed a programming language capable of bringing smart contracts to the network, and payment giant Square recently announced the creation of a dedicated decentralized finance team to do the same.