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Crypto Clarity Coming?

The UK and Europe are following suit in trying to regulate crypto. Just how far along have they come and what more do they have in store?

The crash and burn of FTX: What lessons does it teach us?

As FTX victims and creditors sift through the pieces, how much of this blowup should regulators have seen coming — and could it happen again?

How will the crypto tax debate play out in the UK?

Like many nations, the UK is formulating new rules and guidelines for crypto taxation. Will they help or hinder its crypto hub aspirations?

Australia gears up for state-backed digital currency trials

Top blockchain and crypto news: Digital dollar didgeridoos. Bitcoin softens as sterling sinks. ‘World’s dumbest’ crypto criminals nabbed in China.

If the UK wants to become a crypto hub, it must do better

Britain’s internal divisions could thwart its crypt ambitions, writes Nick Saponaro of Divi Labs. Will it be eclipsed by crypto-friendly Dubai?

Queen Elizabeth artwork NFTs flood into OpenSea marketplace

Demand for non-fungible tokens connected to the late monarch surge along with prices.

FastForkast headlines

UK High Court shuts down PGI Global for alleged crypto scam

UK lawmakers vote to regulate digital assets as financial instruments

Top “UK Crypto Hub” proponent Rishi Sunak to become prime minister

UK bill allows law enforcement to ‘seize, freeze, recover’ crypto assets

New UK PM, finance minister have previously supported crypto, blockchain

UK seeks guidance on how to regulate crypto, digital assets

UK seeks to regulate stablecoins for payments in new markets bill

Hong Kong SFC boss Ashley Alder to head UK’s Financial Conduct Authority

Tether to offer new sterling-pegged stablecoin, GBPT

Robinhood to acquire UK crypto app Ziglu in Europe expansion

UK to regulate stablecoins for payments in crypto hub push