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Joe Jowett

Joe Jowett is the CEO and cofounder of U.K.-based StrikeX, a blockchain-based stock, crypto, real estate and NFT trading platform. Joe also serves as director of StrikeX partner trading platform TradeStrike.BVI. After starting his investing journey in 2015, Joe moved from his regular job into full-time trading in 2019, starting a trading group in the following year. Joe founded StrikeX in 2021.

October 2022

How will the crypto tax debate play out in the UK?

Like many nations, the UK is formulating new rules and guidelines for crypto taxation. Will they help or hinder its crypto hub aspirations?

May 2022

The problems with retail crypto trading — and how to solve them

Young investors demand more accessibility, transparency and accountability than traders of yore, writes Joe Jowett of StrikeX. What are the solutions?