Beyond crypto: Why would companies want cryptocurrency-free blockchains?

Cryptocurrencies are getting in the way of the mass adoption of blockchain technology, especially by tech businesses, says Red Date Technology chief Yifan He.

Australia to revamp cryptocurrency rules after FTX collapse

The country is one of the first to say it will act to set up regulations to prevent a collapse similar to FTX, which filed for bankruptcy protection and froze the assets of hundreds of thousands of investors.

What is the future for cryptocurrency mixers after U.S. sanctions on Tornado Cash?

Tornado Cash, the Ethereum coin mixer slapped with sanctions by the U.S. Treasury back in August, has returned to the software hosting website GitHub amid a flurry of lawsuits against the Treasury for its action.

Cryptocurrency crowd shrugs off market woes at upbeat TOKEN2049 conference

In the first of a two-part report on this year’s cryptocurrency gathering in Singapore, defiance outshone defeatism despite industry’s struggles.

Women in India start to plug into cryptocurrency trading

Crypto exchanges in India say the number of female investors isn’t huge, but it is growing even as prices slide and new taxes eat into revenue.

Who fared worse in cryptocurrency slump: criminals or legitimate users?

Report by Chainalysis says both use cases fell in dollar terms in first half of year and while legitimate usage by value far exceeds criminal, illicit activities fell by a much narrower margin.The report attempts to explain why.

Is cryptocurrency a workaround for sanctions against Russia?

War-mongering Russia is finding itself increasingly isolated. Can cryptocurrency help the rogue state soften the blow of sanctions?

How to invest in cryptocurrency

If you’re intrigued about Bitcoin’s price history or Ethereum’s all-time highs, you might be wondering if you’re missing out on financial gains. To explore how to get started in investing in cryptocurrency, Forkast has created a quick explainer video on what to do and the options. What you’ll learn: What are the two types of […]

Year in cryptocurrency: biggest surprises of 2021

While increasing crypto adoption was predictable, 2021 also saw much that was unexpected. Here are the events that shocked even crypto natives.

Cryptocurrency prices take another hit in downward spiral

Macroeconomic factors and a spate of bad news override bullish outlook in crypto market as the year lurches toward its end.

South Korea and Japan grapple with how to define, and tax, cryptocurrency gains

South Korea reaches a tentative agreement to delay a pending tax on virtual assets. Crypto investors in next-door Japan already face taxation up to 55%.

India may not be ready to follow El Salvador’s lead, but don’t rule out cryptocurrency, finance minister says

Nirmala Sitharaman says ‘a futuristic thing can’t be shut out’ as the country considers crypto regulation, including a possible blanket ban.

The cryptocurrency industry’s liquidity issues — and an effort to solve them

Broctagon Fintech Group is launching what it hopes will become a new global standard for cryptocurrency exchanges to reduce price discrepancies. Will it work?

Court in China says trading in cryptocurrency ‘not protected by law’

The ruling by Shandong’s High Court backs up China’s official stance against trading in cryptocurrencies. What does this mean for investors?

Cryptocurrency vs. gold — which is the better investment?

Gold and cryptocurrency have more in common than not, and savvy investors would do well to hold both, writes Sylvia Carrasco of Goldex.

How Wall Street’s ‘best-kept secret’ now fuels high cryptocurrency yields

Celsius Network CEO says crypto lenders are using Wall Street’s ‘safest’ business tactic to provide high interest rates to customers. What are the risks?

Cryptocurrency payments appear to stall in Singapore

Retailers reluctant to accept currency they are said not to trust even as large finance sector players offer crypto products and beef up their holdings.

Australian Tax Office issues reminder of cryptocurrency tax obligations

ATO will contact 400,000 Australian crypto holders over concerns that they may not be fully aware of their crypto tax obligations. Tax cheats beware!

China’s cryptocurrency mining sector becomes target of fresh clampdown 

Chinese authorities’ latest regulatory offensive against the crypto industry may not be as bad for the sector as it appears.

South Korean cryptocurrency industry claps back; Bitcoin’s nosedive | The Daily Forkast

Crypto investors in South Korea stir petitions to unseat the nation’s financial watchdog chief for his anti-crypto remarks.

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Robinhood says it’s cooperating with SEC following subpoena over cryptocurrency services

U.S. Congress, not the SEC, will set cryptocurrency regulations, says Blockchain Association

U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex lays off 83 employees

U.S. House of Representatives forms new cryptocurrency subcommittee

Coinbase to cut jobs, shut down most of its cryptocurrency operations in Japan

U.S. banking regulators warn against cryptocurrency fraud, contagion risks

Japan plans to ease corporate tax rates for cryptocurrency issuers

Terra cryptocurrency fugitive Do Kwon flew to Serbia last month, South Korean prosecutor says

Wemade in talks with Binance for custody of WEMIX cryptocurrency

U.S. cryptocurrency lender BlockFi files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, will lay off about 200 staff

Bitcoin makes the Guinness World Records list as the first decentralized cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency lobby group gets court approval to weigh in on SEC vs Ripple’s XRP lawsuit

Cryptocurrency lobby group seeks to weigh in on SEC vs Ripple’s XRP lawsuit

Hacks, losses in cryptocurrency offer vast opportunity for insurers

Argentine province Mendoza to accept cryptocurrency as payment for taxes

OSL cryptocurrency exchange cuts 15% of its staff

Chinese police say cryptocurrency being used to launder drug money

Cryptocurrency is worthless: ECB Christine Lagarde

Australia’s taxman starts knocking on cryptocurrency investors’ doors

Pakistan takes a fresh look at cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency investors in South Korea catch a break on ‘Travel Rule’

South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate to issue own cryptocurrency

Meta files 8 trademark applications for cryptocurrency, metaverse

Zelenskyy legalizes cryptocurrency in Ukraine

Hackers got $602M in cryptocurrency ransom in 2021: report

S.Korean gaming giant Netmarble to issue own cryptocurrency

Thailand to regulate cryptocurrency as payment method

Apple boss Tim Cook says he owns cryptocurrency

Solana hits new ATH, briefly overtakes Tether as 4th-largest cryptocurrency

Eric Adams wants New York to have a cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency now on the table for Aussie homebuyers

Ukrainian president seeks revision of cryptocurrency bill

African cryptocurrency market grows by more than 12 times in past year

Nigeria partners with Bitt Inc. to launch its own cryptocurrency, the eNaira

Report: Ethereum is most popular cryptocurrency in Singapore

Miami prepares launch of city cryptocurrency

UK police seize record US$408 million in cryptocurrency in money-laundering investigation

China explores ways to classify cryptocurrency crimes

Cryptocurrency tax holiday gets South Korean lawmaker’s vote

Vietnam to launch cryptocurrency pilot

Report: US cryptocurrency crimes surging by 300% a year

MSCI to launch cryptocurrency index

U.S. Republican Party to accept donations in cryptocurrency

India reviews cryptocurrency ‘ban’ legislation

Is Chinese province Yunnan banning cryptocurrency mining?

China’s Xinjiang and Qinghai regions ban cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency behind spike in illegal gambling, Asian racing body says

Huge cryptocurrency scam boosts S. Korea’s crypto crime losses to US$5B

Australia seeks fresh submissions on cryptocurrency rules

China shuts banks, finance firms out of cryptocurrency business

U.S. cryptocurrency scams soar tenfold since October, FTC says

Thailand tightens grip on cryptocurrency, increases KYC requirements