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July 2022

FastForkast headlines

Crypto miners should disclose energy data, US lawmakers say

Bitcoin hashrate slumps to lowest in over five months amid 100-degree-plus weather in Texas

Bitcoin miners in Texas halt operations amid heat wave

Samsung produces 3nm chips that can be used for Bitcoin mining

July 2022

Cryptocurrencies take a pounding as inflation worries spark sell-off

Top blockchain and crypto news: Cryptos sink as inflation rises. Celsius freeze sends CEL token tumbling. Are Inner Mongolia’s miners catching a break?

FastForkast headlines

Samsung produces 3nm chips that can be used for Bitcoin mining

Compass Mining CEO, CFO resign after utility payment default allegations

Bitcoin mining difficulty reading drops 2.35% in latest adjustment

China’s Guizhou province to slap backdated power charges on uncovered crypto miners

Inner Mongolia’s closure of crypto mine operations slows since September

Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusts up 1.3%

Prosecutor OKs arrest of Chinese executive accused of embezzling US$8 mln to mine Bitcoin

June 2022

Bitcoin hashrate falls; Australia’s crypto future

Bitcoin’s hashrate has dropped since the crypto market crash. Meanwhile, Australia’s new Labor government could bring about changes for the crypto sector.

Tether USDT shaken by stablecoin market storm

Top blockchain and crypto news: Billions cut ties with Tether. Are Terra’s UST troubles just beginning? China’s miners stay one step ahead.

Terra embezzlement alleged; RBI reiterates crypto warning

A Terra employee has been accused of embezzlement. Meanwhile, a crypto mining farm has been found in Russia’s oldest prison.

Beijing banned crypto mining, so China miners went underground

Authorities and Bitcoin miners play a cat-and-mouse game as miners find means to stay off the government radar and dodge crackdowns.

China’s mining re-emergence; Terra community wants answers

China’s nationwide ban on crypto mining has not affected it’s high mining hashrate. Meanwhile, Terra’s community become frustrated as they struggle to find answers.

China banned Bitcoin mining and became world’s No.2 Bitcoin miner

The 2021 Bitcoin mining exodus has left underground miners thriving to push China’s hashrate share near to the top, new study finds.

Pakistan mulls crypto future; Bitcoin’s Fed boost

Pakistan forms subcommittees to consider the future of crypto. Meanwhile, the Fed Rate hike sees Bitcoin flirt with US$40K.

FastForkast headlines

Prosecutor OKs arrest of Chinese executive accused of embezzling US$8 mln to mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining hashrate, difficulty drop since crypto crash

Hydropower plant in China’s Hubei province fined for powering crypto mining

Russia uncovers a crypto mining farm in its oldest prison: report

Bitcoin rig maker Canaan reports over US$200 mln in Q1 revenue

Celsius Network’s mining arm plans public listing

Bitcoin mining difficulty at a record high

Nvidia to pay US$5.5 mln for inadequate disclosure of crypto mining earnings

SEC places Chinese crypto mining rig maker Canaan on pre-delisting list

Kazakhstan orders Bitcoin miners to file status reports

Bitcoin lobbyists rebut ‘misconceptions’ over environmental impact

May 2022

Bitcoin follows blue chips south amid market turmoil

Top blockchain and crypto news: Market contagion hits crypto. Ethereum developer pays price for bad Korea move. China whacks more crypto miners.

FastForkast headlines

Bitcoin lobbyists rebut ‘misconceptions’ over environmental impact

Bitcoin mining difficulty hits new high in latest adjustment

New York State Assembly votes to pause crypto mining

Almost 60% of Bitcoin mining now on sustainable energy: BMC

Russian crypto miner Bitriver added to US sanctions list

Bitcoin mining difficulty drops amid market turmoil

China seizes over 3,500 Bitcoin mining rigs, hikes electricity rates

April 2022

Russia’s bitcoin for oil proposal; Crypto market makes gains

Russia considers a bitcoin for oil proposal. Meanwhile, crypto markets make gains after weeks of volatility.

Renewables uptake: Bitcoin the problem or solution?

There is more to transitioning to renewable energy than one might expect, and in Australia, one Bitcoin mining company says the industry can play a role.

FastForkast headlines

China seizes over 3,500 Bitcoin mining rigs, hikes electricity rates

China takes aim at corruption in underground Bitcoin mines

Canaan to buy back up to $100M shares to drive value

Ex-Kazakh president’s brother busted for illegal crypto mining

EU votes against de facto Bitcoin mining ban

China busts crypto mining rigs disguised as EV charging ports

Nvidia hackers threaten to unleash Ethereum mining limiter disabler

March 2022

Here’s why Australia can’t use its empty deserts to mine Bitcoin

Sunny skies and wide open spaces may seem the perfect place to mine Bitcoin using cheap solar power, but one industry insider tells Forkast there’s much more to it than that.

Pakistan’s crypto warning; Indian banks’ crypto reluctance

Pakistan’s State Bank governor warns crypto’s risks, also in India, banks show crypto reluctancy.

North Korea gains from cyberattacks; Russia crypto mining tax?

North Korea is benefits financially from the crypto cyberattacks. Also, is Russia looking to tax crypto mining soon?

FastForkast headlines

Nvidia hackers threaten to unleash Ethereum mining limiter disabler

Bitcoin miners unwelcome in Hangzhou despite targeted energy hike

China customs seizes 49 second-hand crypto mining rigs for export

Kazakhstan busts 13 illegal Bitcoin mining farms amid power concerns

BIT Mining ditches Kazakh data center due to rocky power supply

Russia may tax Bitcoin miners, create hotspots: report

Bitcoin hashrate reaches new ATH in 32% surge

Russian lawmaker suggests minimum 15% tax for crypto miners

February 2022

Thailand plans crypto regulation; Market concerns over Ukraine

Crypto market concerns over invasion on Ukraine;, while Thailand plans for crypto regulation.

Kazakhstan crypto mining fortunes falter as regime unplugs internet

Top blockchain and crypto news: Bandwidth bust in Kazakhstan. Binance chief CZ tops rich list. Digital yuan app adoption grows.

Jay Chou dethrones Bored Ape Yacht Club; Bitcoin dips below US$40k

Taiwanese’s superstar Jay Chou’s NFT dethrones Bored Ape Yacht Club. Meanwhile Bitcoin dips below US$40k mark.

Kazakh crypto miners remain hopeful, assess satellite option amid unrest

Internet blackouts are partially restored but access remains unpredictable to support full crypto mining, industry players say.

e-CNY app downloaded 16 million times; Kazakhstan outages hit miners

China’s e-CNY app downloaded 16 million times meanwhile in Kazakhstan the outages hit miners

Kazakh riots hit miners; Fed hits crypto market

Kazakh riots hit miners, meanwhile Fed hits crypto market

Kazakh riots hit crypto miners amid internet blackout

Bitcoin hashrates tumble as miners unprepared for an outage, experts say.

FastForkast headlines

Russian lawmaker suggests minimum 15% tax for crypto miners

Kazakhstan cuts off power for crypto mining amid blackouts

Bitcoin price slumps as mining hashrate and difficulty reach ATHs

BIT Mining’s Ohio site power capacity grows amid US expansion

China officially labels crypto mining as ‘obsolete’

Kazakhstan internet restoration still not enough for crypto miners, NetBlocks says

Amid riots over fuel prices, Kazakhstan government resigns