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Danny Park

Danny is a journalist at Forkast.News. Originally from South Korea, Danny has produced content for media companies in Korea, Hong Kong and China. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism and Business Marketing from the University of Hong Kong.

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August 2021

NFTs and the music industry: K-pop’s new token economy | Part 2

K-pop superstars Brave Girls, Se7en and A.C.E. are among the latest to jump on the non-fungible token bandwagon. Are fans buying it?

July 2021

Ethereum in spotlight as prices recover, London hard fork looms and Paris conference closes

The cryptocurrency community is watching Ethereum closely, with the EthCC event in Paris having wrapped up, Ether prices showing new strength and the London upgrade just around the corner.

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum is more than DeFi. Is social media its next big use?

At EthCC in Paris, Ethereum’s boyish creator lays out a vision for the blockchain’s non-finance uses — like ridding social media of bots and fake news.

Science school’s toilets turn dumps into digital currencies

Science institute building given bio-fuel boost as users poo to accrue.

US$1.5B South Korean ‘kimchi premium’ crypto scheme prompts 33 arrests

Customs officers use foreign exchange law to shut down cycle of foreign remittances and arbitrage.

FastForkast headlines

South Korea’s Busan city to establish digital asset exchange

Number of new crypto investors in South Korea drops over 90%

Disguised crypto exchange bank accounts exposed by South Korean regulator

South Korean crypto exchanges warned over treatment of customers

South Korean authorities to collect delinquent taxes from crypto cold wallets

Crypto gets starring role in South Korean historical drama TV series

Seoul museum to sell NFTs of historic Korean alphabet book

Kakao’s Ground X wins South Korea’s CBDC bidding war

Crypto ‘Michelin Guide’ releases South Korea’s first token ratings report

South Korean exchanges have delisted 200 cryptos in 2021, lawmaker says

South Korean exchange Bithumb cuts ties with platforms abroad

Warner Bros., Nifty’s release ‘Space Jam’ movie NFTs

South Korean crypto exchanges get breather as banks extend contracts

South Korean regulators, developers face off over blockchain game NFTs

South Korea holds firm on AML compliance for banks serving crypto exchanges

Cryptocurrency tax holiday gets South Korean lawmaker’s vote

TWICE, 2PM K-pop agency JYP plans foray into NFTs

South Korean crypto exchanges tighten personal trading rules for employees

Crypto ‘Michelin Guide’ to rate tokens in South Korea

South Korean finance watchdog warns banks over crypto AML compliance

July 2021

South Korean crypto exchange fee revelations deal blow to sector’s credibility

Payment for listings raises questions over integrity of cryptocurrencies’ credit scores as compliance deadline nears.

What will Ethereum’s London hard fork do as an upgrade?

A major Ethereum upgrade via London hard fork — which experts call a ‘seismic shift’ for the industry — is coming soon. Are ‘Ethereum killers’ doomed?

Vitalik Buterin: Why Eth2 will propel Ethereum’s use in enterprise

In a talk this week, Vitalik Buterin explains Ethereum’s growing use in enterprise and the importance of building diverse, open-source communities.

FastForkast headlines

South Korean finance watchdog warns banks over crypto AML compliance

Samsung Asset Management launches metaverse fund

South Korea points to crypto regulation efforts after calls for watchdog to quit

South Korean crypto exchange Upbit in dock in trading tech case

South Korean crypto exchange Upbit to sue Pica Project after delisting coin

S. Korean banks start crypto exchange reviews as contract renewals loom

South Korean crypto exchanges face ban on listing own tokens

South Korean crypto exchanges race to comply with strict new rules

South Korea cracks down on suspicious crypto exchange accounts

South Korean crypto exchange executives face ban from own platforms

South Korea will tax overseas crypto assets starting next year

South Korean crypto exchange Upbit in the dock over botched transfers

June 2021

S. Korea facing backlash for banning police from owning crypto

To improve public trust, South Korea is barring police officers from buying cryptocurrency. Could this presage a broader clampdown on crypto in the country?

How S. Korea and Singapore are grappling with crypto investor protection

As retail interest in crypto grows, countries around the world are grappling with consumer protection. Asia offers a window into the array of policy responses.

FastForkast headlines

South Korean crypto exchange Upbit in the dock over botched transfers

Chinese crypto traders dodge clampdown in move to OTC, P2P platforms

Huge cryptocurrency scam boosts S. Korea’s crypto crime losses to US$5B

South Korea forges ahead on its digital currency development

S. Korean crypto exchange Bithumb distances itself from scandal-hit ex-chairman

South Korea switches course on crypto amid backlash over regulator’s remarks

May 2021

FastForkast headlines

South Korea switches course on crypto amid backlash over regulator’s remarks