Lotte Cinema, one of South Korea’s largest movie theater chains, is giving away NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of the movie “The Matrix Resurrections” to people who reserve tickets to the latest addition in the popular science fiction series that depicts life in a simulated reality.

Fast facts

  • In collaboration with Warner Bros. and NFT tech startup W.CRAFT, Lotte Cinema will give out “secret codes” to the first 30,000 people who reserve the movie tickets and apply for the NFT through Dec. 21. The winners of the secret codes will be able to exchange them with the NFTs on the W.CRAFT webpage.
  • The NFTs recreate characters and symbols from the new installment of The Matrix in 3D. A Matrix-themed virtual gallery will be opened where footage and still cuts from the movie will be on display. While the NFTs from this event cannot be traded, Lotte Cinema plans to issue tradable NFTs in the future.
  • One official from Lotte Cinemas told local media that this NFT event will bring a new experience to audiences reminiscent of the original Matrix movie, especially since the concept of virtual space, which was sensational at the time of its release in 1999, has become a reality.
  • Meanwhile, CJ OliveNetworks, South Korean information technology company, applied NFT technology to issuing movie tickets for the Busan International Film Festival in October. As NFT technology certifies a ticket’s authenticity, it has the potential to prevent illegal trading of tickets in the black market.