South Korean public broadcaster KBS launched a recreation of its Seoul studio compound on Naver’s Zepeto metaverse on Tuesday, to promote coverage of the upcoming March 9 presidential election.

Fast facts

  • Visitors can enter and experience the digital replica of the broadcaster’s news studio, stage sets, take quizzes about the election, stroll around the history hall, and take photos.  
  • Zepeto is a metaverse platform created by South Korean internet giant Naver with 90% of its 250 million users located overseas, and with 80% teenage users, according to latest available numbers. 
  • Cryptocurrency and the metaverse are becoming campaign issues for the upcoming election, with Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung advocating the technology to sway millennial and Gen Z voters.
  • Lee is in the race against People Power Party’s Yoon Seok-youl, Justice Party’s Sim Sang-jung and People Party’s Ahn Cheol-soo to replace President Moon Jae-in in the Blue House.