South Korea’s media regulation agency has launched a council to discuss user protection on the metaverse, including the issue of sexual harassment targeting minors.

Fast facts

  • The council, under the Korea Communications Commission, consists of 30 professionals in media, law, technology and industrial management, and will discuss issues in the metaverse such as violence, sexual crime and inclusivity. 
  • Local media have reported on numerous instances of South Korean minors in the metaverse experiencing cyberbullying, sexual abuse and harassment. 
  • Like many other nations, South Korea’s local regulation prohibits adults from inducing sexually exploitative conversations and behaviors with minors, on and offline. 
  • Last week, left-leaning lawmaker Kang Sun-woo spearheaded the drafting of new amendments to South Korea’s minor protection law, which aims to hold online platform operators accountable for violators.
  • The bill mandates the platforms immediately report any detected sexual violations to investigative agencies.