South Korean police have provided global police agency Interpol with information on a crypto-related voice phishing case after receiving a purple notice on two international crimes that victimized locals, according to local media reports.

Fast facts

  • Last May, an individual was reported to be disguised as a public prosecutor to convince a victim to buy and transfer over US$100,000 worth of Bitcoin.
  • Crypto crimes are rising in South Korea, according to the National Police Agency (KNPA), including a case where investors lost almost US$2 billion last year.
  • KNPA has now shared incident information from the voice phishing case to Interpol and its 195 member nations.
  • Interpol’s purple notice is a request for information on modus operandi, objects, devices or concealment methods used in cases.
  • The purple notice also requested information from a non-crypto incident that involved a sea-jacking case near the coast of Africa, also last May.