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April 2022

MobiKwik pulls crypto support; Twitter NFT hacker strikes again

In India, Mobikwik yanks crypto support. Meanwhile in the cyberspace, a Twitter hack promotes a fake NFT drop.

Coinbase India setback; Hong Kong’s Bitcoin ATMs

Coinbase’s launch in India is off to a rocky start. Meanwhile, Bitcoin ATMs grow in Hong Kong.

Opensea’s Solana beta begins; Binance bails out Sky Mavis

Chinese state media calls for stronger regulations of NFTs. Meanwhile, Sky Mavis raises $150M to offset Ronin hack.

US sanctions Russian darknet market; Indian MP’s crypto warning

South Korea’s Kakao Group acquires SEBC. Meanwhile in India, an MP reveals the government’s plans for the crypto industry,

India to make life hell for crypto investors: MP

India needs to discourage people from investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets, a senior MP from the ruling party told Forkast in an exclusive interview.

Yi He: Binance will take the arrows for industry compliance, security

Pioneers take arrows. No one knows it better than Binance. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volume wants to set the industry standard when it comes to compliance and security as past missteps hold it in good stead.

Calling a spade a spade holds Binance’s lesser known cofounder in good stead

As the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange battles the onslaught of regulators globally, cofounder Yi He is stepping out of the shadows to help steer the company.

China’s e-CNY push; India’s crypto tax kicks in

India’s long-awaited crypto tax comes into effect. Meanwhile, China expands the digital yuan program.

NFT buyers dip for a second straight month

In contrast to the rising crypto market, NFT sales have declined significantly in March, but one industry watcher says there’s no need to panic just yet.

FastForkast headlines

Need for Speed gets Hong Kong’s Animoca in driver’s seat

Bored Apes set for movie debut with Coinbase

Twitter hacker takes over verified accounts to promote fake Azuki NFT drop

Indian e-wallet provider MobiKwik yanks crypto support

Binance wins Abu Dhabi nod for another MENA outpost

Terra buys US$200 mln AVAX to back UST, promote cross-chain development

Coinbase’s India launch hits road bump

Sky Mavis raises $150 mln to offset Ronin hack, Axie NFT sales surge more than 350%

Binance.US valued at $4.5B following first seed round

FTX, Tiger Global invest $350M in Near protocol

Lightning Labs raises $70m to bring stablecoins to Bitcoin

Ronin hack proceeds seen headed to Tornado Cash

DBS Bank slams brakes on retail crypto trading

Ronin hack delays Axie Infinity upgrade

Crypto tax in India is now a reality 

Binance signs on as Grammys’ official crypto exchange partner

April 2022

Alibaba invests in AR; Ronin Network hacked

Alibaba makes a $60M metaverse bet on AR glasses maker Nreal. Meanwhile, Axie’s Ronin blockchain gets hacked.

Is Dubai the new crypto promised land?

Top blockchain and cryptocurrency news: Dubai’s crypto caravan. Mt. Gox unlocked. Digital yuan in play again.

Lessons learned from my five years of building blockchain

DLT projects are defined by their network effects, writes Donald Thibeau of HBAR Foundation. Here’s why open networks and community are critical for success.

Binance wants to play ball with regulators

Binance is racing to anchor its sprawling global operations as regulators in China, where it was founded in 2017, go after firms for lax know-your-customer practices.

UAE becoming crypto hub; India’s tax bogeyman

The UAE is becoming the new crypto hub of the world. Meanwhile in India, high crypto taxes are scaring away young investors.

India’s tax bogeyman is scaring off young crypto investors

The country’s attempt to profit from digital asset gains puts off new investors to the asset class, even as existing ones redeploy funds into traditional assets.

Ukraine’s NFT museum; Bitcoin on the up.

Ukraine launches its NFT Museum of War. Meanwhile, Bitcoin passes $47,000 mark.

Bollywood Icon’s Tax Bill; Metaverse Fashion Week Opens

Chinese telecom ZTE registers metaverse-related trademarks. Meanwhile, Bollywood star gets chased over NFT taxes.

The Great Resignation needs a solution. Could DAOs be the answer?

DAOs promise radically inclusive and rewarding workplaces, writes Parker McCurley of Decent Labs. Here’s how it would work.

Fusang defers IPO; Yuga Labs hits $4bn valuation

Malaysia’s Fusang defers their IPO. Meanwhile, Blockchain Week Australia looks into intellectual property rights.

Echoes of El Salvador as Malaysian minister calls for crypto adoption

Top blockchain and crypto news: Bitcoin buzz in Malaysia. Yuga Labs teases Otherside. Blockchain verdict in China.

Apes Gone Wild! BAYC ‘selling like crazy’ amid otherwise sluggish NFT market

Strong sales from leading NFT series may be a sign the market is maturing as investors become more discerning, observers say.

India’s crypto GST plan; Australia’s crypto reforms

South Korea prepares for the imposition of FATF travel rule heat up. Meanwhile in Australia, reforms are set to be introduced for the crypto sector.

Russian bank given crypto license: China to monitor outflows

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine rages on and sanctions continue to mount, Russia-based bank Sberbank obtains a crypto license from the Central Bank of Russia. Meanwhile in China, social media platform Weibo allows its users to mint NFTs of their social media posts.

Ukraine legalizes crypto; Korea’s crypto policy ideas

Ukrainian President signs a digital assets bill into law. Meanwhile in China, Cannan plans to buy back shares.

Singapore imposes sanctions; Bitcoin bucks market trend

Crypto exchange Binance has won a license to operate in Bahrain. Meanwhile in Southeast Asia, Singapore’s Monetary Authority has designated Russian banks amid growing sanctions.

US bill targets e-CNY; Russian sanctions hurting public

Blockchain data analysis platform Chainalysis has launched a set of free sanction screening tools. Meanwhile, lawmakers in the US take aim at China’s digital yuan, or e-CNY, while Russian sanctions begin to highlight issues with financial sovereignty as hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian civilians are caught in the financial crossfire.

Sanctions expand for Belarus; Korea’s crypto promises

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict rages on, the European Union says that crypto is included in the sanctions against Russia and Belarus. Meanwhile, South Korean President-Elect Yoon Suk-Yeol’s term in office could bring about long awaited changes in the crypto sector.

FastForkast headlines

Binance signs on as Grammys’ official crypto exchange partner

WeChat bans NFT accounts, citing ‘crypto speculation’

India’s financial stability at risk from cryptos: IMF

Alibaba makes $60M metaverse bet on AR glasses firm Nreal, Bybit book tickets to Dubai to set up UAE bases

Mastercard partners with Australia’s BTC Markets for payment options

Binance US on track for IPO

Meta files 8 trademark applications for cryptocurrency, metaverse

BAYC creator Yuga Labs raises valuation to $4B

FIFA, set Qatar World Cup sponsorship deal

BSN, China Mobile support local NFTs with new chain launch

India rules out offsetting losses against gains in new crypto tax law

FTX heads Down Under as Australia looks to crypto industry

India may impose 28% GST on crypto transactions

Weibo launches NFT marketplace, allowing users to mint posts

Eqonex appoints former Binance UK head as CEO

Coinbase wallet announces support for Solana

Binance wins crypto license in Dubai days after FTX

Canaan to buy back up to $100M shares to drive value

Zuckerberg confirms NFTs coming to Instagram

ConsenSys raises $450M in Series D, raises valuation to $7B

BSN partners with INDUSTRIA, eyes UK market

FTX gets crypto exchange license in Dubai

Binance wins license in Bahrain, explores acquisition of Brazilian brokerage

Ripple proposes S. Korea distinguish between cryptocurrencies for regulatory clarity

Tomorrowland wants to bring music to Web 3.0 with FTX Europe

Chainalysis launches crypto wallet sanction screening tools

Binance eyes gaming, e-commerce in upcoming acquisition spree

Alibaba NFT marketplace suspends users for massage gun rapid clicks