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June 2022

Do Kwon loses appeal; India’s crypto pirate warning

As the Terra saga continues to unfold, Do Kwon loses an appeal against the SEC. Meanwhile, Circle’s head of policy slams CBDCs.

Next step for spot Bitcoin ETF in the US may be a courtroom battle

It’s been a ‘Waiting for Godot’ experience for the crypto industry regarding US approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. A decision next month by the SEC could bring a lift to crypto markets or be a boon to lawyers.

Do Kwon and Terra lose appeal to impede SEC investigation

The order said Do Kwon and Terraform Labs had sufficient contact with the US for the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate it for possible violations of federal securities laws.

Why the IMF is wrong about El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment

Is El Salvador committing a major blunder in making Bitcoin legal tender — or finding its way out of the hell of dollarization? Bryan Hernandez explains.

US senators’ crypto bill; India’s crypto taxes bite

A bipartisan crypto bill has been introduced in the US Senate. Meanwhile, Singaporean investment company ADDX plans on recognizing crypto assets.

Binance comes out swinging as report links it to money laundering

Top blockchain and crypto news: Binance BNB slips amid allegations. STEPN marches through attacks. Is China’s slowdown straining crypto prices?

Only the big fish will survive as India cracks the whip on crypto: Binance-backed WazirX

High taxes and lack of support from traditional finance make it difficult for smaller crypto operators to survive in India, a senior executive at one of the country’s largest crypto exchanges said.

Binance claps back; Hong Kong scrutinizes NFTs

Leading crypto exchange Binance swats away double-helping of allegations. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s regulator scrutinises NFTs.

With Artaverse, Hong Kong seeks to regain global arts influence

In hosting one of Asia’s largest outdoor NFT art exhibitions, the city — battered by lengthy quarantines and protests — is seeking to revolutionize the way art is presented.

Cool with the rules: Why the crypto sector should embrace regulation

The prospect of tighter codes for the crypto industry has given some players the jitters. Others, such as’s Eric Anziani, see it as an opportunity.

‘Buckle up’ for downsizing crypto market as employees laid off

The industry should fasten its seat belt, an industry watcher told Forkast, as the largest of crypto firms headline widespread layoffs amid the 2022 market crunch.

Singapore’s digital assets initiative; Shanghai lockdown ends

Singapore announces plans for a digital assets initiative. Meanwhile, Shanghai’s lockdown finally ends, but markets remain hesitant.

FastForkast headlines

RBI to gradually launch India’s CBDC in FY23: deputy governor

Cryptocurrencies like ‘world of Caribbean pirates’: India chief economic adviser

Alibaba Cloud launches service to build NFT marketplaces

Nansen strikes deal with Google Cloud to provide real-time market data

FTX, OpenSea make the cut to Forbes Fintech 50

Animoca Brands investments have crossed US$1.5B

Binance claps back at Reuters money laundering allegations

SEC said to probe Binance for rule violation in 2017 initial coin offering: report

Gemini sued over US$36 mln Bitcoin and Ethereum hack

CoinSwitch Kuber launches rupee index for Indian crypto market

Binance’s venture arm raises US$500 mln to invest in Web3, blockchain

Retail investors shouldn’t invest in crypto: Singapore’s deputy PM

Dunamu denies making US$100 million off of LUNA

BNB Chain teases out roadmap to boost decentralization, support dApps

June 2022

Terra’s Mirror Protocol crisis averted; ETH crosses US$2,000 mark

Mirror Protocol’s price match error nearly led to another crisis for Terra. Meanwhile, Ethereum rises back up after nearly a week below US$2,000.

Memo to Crypto World: Wall Street is here to stay

Wall Street did it! At least that is one of the theories about the cause of the nearly US$50 billion meltdown of Terraform Labs stablecoin and LUNA cryptocurrency. How does that stand up?

India’s CBDC plans; Stablecoins vs CBDCs

The Reserve Bank of India explores digital rupee options. Meanwhile, Terra’s new Luna coin drops significantly since launch.

Governments pushing for CBDCs smell blood in Terra Classic’s struggles

Advocates for central bank digital currencies argue their inherent stability supersedes any benefits so-called stablecoins, algorithmic or otherwise, could offer.     

Why DBS’ move into the digital asset space is more than a token gesture

The Singapore-based banking behemoth may have found its reach constrained in retail crypto markets, but it still has big plans, CEO Piyush Gupta tells Forkast.

Terra 2.0 delayed; India’s Non Fungible League

StepN limits their services in China. Meanwhile, Terra 2.0 poses questions relating to investor trust.

Winning back the trust of the Terra community a tall order for Do Kwon: Experts

Do Kwon’s proposal to create a new Terra network chain is set to go live this weekend — what does Terra 2.0 entail and will it successfully win back its following?

Why a Hong Kong CBDC is coming — for institutions

Governments around the world are racing to develop their own digital currencies, but an e-HKD may not make sense for Hong Kong’s people. John Mitchell of Episode Six explains why Hong Kong is unique.

E-CNY use widens in Chinese schools; Terra faces audit

A hydropower plant in China has been fined for illegally powering crypto mines. Meanwhile, South Korean auditors plan on auditing Terra and other crypto exchanges.

Tether USDT shaken by stablecoin market storm

Top blockchain and crypto news: Billions cut ties with Tether. Are Terra’s UST troubles just beginning? China’s miners stay one step ahead.

Kerner at Blockchain Coinvestors says Terra was a Ponzi strategy

The crypto community is still dealing with the fallout from the multibillion-dollar collapse of Terra-LUNA. At a Davos event organized by Forkast, we asked what caused the crash and if it was foreseeable.

How can I become a metaverse real estate mogul?

If buying a home is the American Dream and key to building wealth, what is that like in the metaverse? Crypto newcomer Joel Stein finds out.

Terra embezzlement alleged; RBI reiterates crypto warning

A Terra employee has been accused of embezzlement. Meanwhile, a crypto mining farm has been found in Russia’s oldest prison.

Terra cofounder Do Kwon’s taxing questions; China’s underground mining

Terra co-founder responds to office closure allegations. Meanwhile, China re-emerges as a crypto mining hub despite 2021 ban.

G7 calls for regulation; Bored Ape transfer blocked

South Korean LUNA investors file lawsuit against Terra. Meanwhile, Singapore’s High Court blocks sale of a Bored Ape NFT.

Bitcoin correlation continues; Terra vote starts positively

Indian crypto traders may soon be able to pay the crypto tax using foreign exchanges. Meanwhile, the Terra revival plan vote finally goes live.

Knock, knock Do Kwon, investors have quite a lot of questions for you

The man at the center of one of crypto’s biggest flops is trying to resurrect the Terra-LUNA project as his tribe of followers and out-of-pocket investors want to know what went wrong.

FastForkast headlines

BNB Chain teases out roadmap to boost decentralization, support dApps

India almost ready with crypto consultation paper: Official

Terra 2.0 new LUNA is down 70% since restart

NFTs based on late Qing dynasty painter Wu Changshuo’s artwork sell out

RBI wants its CBDC to bring ‘little or no disruption’

Iagon’s Ethereum-Cardano bridge launches for USDC transfers

Terra to burn leftover UST (USTC) stablecoins in community pool

Huobi acquires Bitex for Latin America expansion

CoinDCX offers to let Indians earn yield on crypto holdings

JPMorgan sees upside for Bitcoin, crypto amid market downturn

Terra, LUNA vote ends in favor of Do Kwon’s new chain proposal

Coinbase is the first crypto firm to make the Fortune 500 list

S. Korea finance regulator to audit Terra and related exchanges

China’s BSN to launch overseas public chain without crypto support

Crypto crash justifies RBI’s stance: central bank chief

Hang Seng Index adds 30 metaverse-related Chinese companies

S.Korean police probe Terra employee for alleged embezzlement

Beeple’s Twitter account latest victim to phishing scam hacks

Terra’s S.Korean office closure ‘purely coincidental’: Do Kwon

Tether, USDT market cap has dropped by US$10B since UST collapse

FTX.US forays into stock trading

LKB, 5 clients file lawsuit against Terra, Do Kwon to ‘Grim Reaper’

Bitcoin rig maker Canaan reports over US$200 mln in Q1 revenue

Ripple to invest US$100 mln for carbon removal in race to zero emissions

Pantera Capital dodged bullet, says exited Terra before crash: report

LUNA, UST investors in S.Korea want to seize Do Kwon’s properties: report

Terra was a ‘house of cards’: Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire

Terra commences voting on Do Kwon’s LUNA revival plan

LUNA bull Novogratz breaks silence