Ethereum is the top-ranking blockchain in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market for the second consecutive day, with sales exceeding US$10.24 million in the past 24 hours.

It was also the second straight day that Ethereum was the only blockchain to surpass $10 million in sales.

The leading platform saw a slight increase of 5.61% in sales volume, according to data from CryptoSlam.

Bitcoin and Solana followed as the second and third top-performing blockchains, with sales of US$7.71 million and US$4.60 million respectively.

Bitcoin experienced a notable increase of 8.97% in sales, with a significant drop in wash sales by 95.26%, leading to an overall positive change of 7.72% in total sales volume.

Bitcoin, which frequently challenged Ethereum’s dominance throughout March stayed below the US$10 million daily sales mark for the entire trading week.

Bitcoin’s US$514 million edged out Ethereum’s US$490 million in NFT sales last month.

Solana faced a downturn, with sales plummeting by 24.06% and wash sales decreasing by 68.77%, resulting in a 41.97% decline in total sales volume.

The fourth-ranked BNB blockchain showed a remarkable surge in sales, jumping by 400.6%, although starting from a lower base, with total sales reaching nearly US$956,000.

The majority of BNB Chain’s sales came from LockDealNFT, which had a 563% increase to US$871,689.