Pandora, an Ethereum collection based on the ERC-404 experimental token standard, led the market in sales over the 24 hours to noon ET, according to CryptoSlam data.

ERC-404 tokens are semi-fungible assets that combine the features of fungible tokens and NFTs.

According to Pandora’s X account, ERC-404 allows NFTs to “remain relevant in the memecoin supercycle” by allowing projects to launch both an NFT collection and memecoin at once.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, a regular in the market’s top collection rankings, came in second on Thursday. The blue-chip NFT collection from Yuga Labs raked in US$1.5 million in sales.

Azuki, an anime-themed collection that gives holders access to “The Garden,” a virtual space for members of the Azuki community, had the day’s third-highest sales volume with a 1,322% increase to US$1.3 million.

Azuki’s sales explosion came as the collection announced Kinu Nishimura as the character designer for the first episode of the Azuki anime anthology series.

Nishimura is best known for his involvement in the Street Fighter series, an influential fighting game developed by Capcom.

CryptoPunks, another collection owned by Yuga Labs, did not break the top 10 on Thursday despite CryptoPunk #7446 selling for US$182,998 as the day’s top-selling asset.

The Captainz took the last seat on the top 10 list as the only other Ethereum collection outside the top three.

On Solana, Froganas experienced a 1.25% increase in sales to claim fourth place with US$1.18 million.

Conversely, the Solana-based Mad Lads collection witnessed a decline after spending a large portion of the week in the top five. Its sales dropped by 44% to US$493,386 as the Backpack marketplace-backed collection fell to the ninth spot.

NodeMonkes, at fifth, was the only Bitcoin collection on the top 10 list on Thursday. It was the last collection to record at least US$1 million in sales.