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The Future of Money

CBDCs are the latest fad amongst central banks around the world – but how can they change our lives?

Why a Hong Kong CBDC is coming — for institutions

Governments around the world are racing to develop their own digital currencies, but an e-HKD may not make sense for Hong Kong’s people. John Mitchell of Episode Six explains why Hong Kong is unique.

Central banks double down on CBDC issuance: BIS report

A 2021 poll of 81 central banks by the BIS reveals that work on retail CBDCs has moved into more advanced stages, driven by a need to increase financial stability amid the pandemic, and the emergence of stablecoins.

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Hong Kong lawmaker says e-HKD has potential to be a stablecoin

Hong Kong, BIS explore CBDC-backed stablecoins in retail prototype

Hong Kong seeks suitable use case to sell public on retail CBDC: report

Hong Kong needs at least two years to build wholesale CBDC: HKMA

HKMA announces competition to promote CBDCs

Hong Kong to research retail CBDC cybersecurity with Israel, BIS

Hong Kong flirts with e-HKD as it talks of marriage with e-CNY