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IMF warning shrugged off; US stablecoin bill race

The crypto market shrugs off IMF’s predicted recession risk. Also, U.S lawmakers racing to introduce the stablecoin bill.

Inter-country use key for CBDCs to reach potential: report

For central bank digital currencies to enhance cross-border payments, issuing institutions must take functionality into account to avoid unintended barriers, a joint report by three international financial bodies says.

Why the IMF is wrong about El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment

Is El Salvador committing a major blunder in making Bitcoin legal tender — or finding its way out of the hell of dollarization? Bryan Hernandez explains.

China’s WeChat bans NFT accounts; Zilliqa token soars

NFTs accounts banned from WeChat due to “crypto speculation”. Meanwhile, Zilliqa on the rise after Metapolis announcement.

Macao considers e-CNY rollout; kimchi premium arbitrage on the rise | The Daily Forkast

Macao jumps into digital yuan feasibility studies while South Korean banks make moves to curb kimchi premium arbitrage.

IMF wants more crypto supervision in the Philippines | The Daily Forkast

IMF warns issues warnings against crypto exchanges in the Philippines as China extends tests of its digital yuan to its free trade zone, Hainan Province.

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IMF releases crypto action plan, advises against legal tender status

India working with IMF, FSB on crypto regulations, says economic affairs secretary

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Markets: Bitcoin, Ether rise; BNB leads gainers in top 10 crypto, followed by Solana

Indian finance minister urges IMF to lead crypto regulation

IMF looks to build platform for cross-border CBDC transactions

Crypto market quickly rebounds after IMF predicts increased recession risk

IMF says crypto crash hasn’t quite harmed broader financial system

India almost ready with crypto consultation paper: Official

India’s financial stability at risk from cryptos: IMF

E-CNY chief says digital dollar poses no threat to China