Monday, March 30, 2020

Tag: health care

Coronavirus prevention tips for the long haul: face masks, social distancing,...

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Coronavirus fears spread panic as well as infection. Face masks, hand washing and social isolation are best practices.

Coronavirus and the challenge of reporting timely and accurate medical data

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CEO of Hedera Hashgraph explains how distributed ledgers can help front-line doctors and scientists in the battle against Covid-19, and how the emerging techology may be the future of international disaster relief.

Mask Hysteria: Face mask do’s and don’ts for the coronavirus

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What are the best face masks to wear to protect against Covid-19, and how to wear them? Which masks are the worst and could increase your risk of illness? A medical doctor and face mask researcher explains all.

Tokenized health care? How Hedera Hashgraph could improve data transparency in...

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Public health coins could motivate more people to interact honestly with the health care system during crises like the coronavirus epidemic.

As coronavirus infections skyrocket, blockchain speeds up health care claims and...

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Xiang Hu Bao policyholders use Alipay to claim a 100,000 yuan disbursement through a blockchain-powered system, demonstrating the technology's potential in health care.

How Hedera Hashgraph’s decentralized tracker could stop censorship in coronavirus reporting

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Distributed ledger technology could be used by front-line health care responders dealing with the coronavirus epidemic to submit information in real-time around the world regardless of censorship. HashLog, a dashboard designed to publicly track coronavirus developments via distributed public ledger Hedera Hashgraph, could mitigate political influence involved in spreading information, according to Hedera Hashgraph cofounder and CEO Mance Harmon.

Giving patients power over data builds trust in health care, says...

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Using blockchain to handle patients' data can lay the groundwork for genetic tests, telemedicine and AI.