Biziondo, a Spanish medical group specializing in spinal health, announced plans to accept cryptocurrency payments, citing the start of the “Bitcoin revolution.” 

“It is clear that the Bitcoin revolution has already started in an economic context in which, in 2020, 60% of the world’s money was printed by European, United States, and Japanese central banks. This will inevitably bring about a financial disaster in approximately two to five years,” Biziondo general manager David Izquierdo was quoted as saying by Forbes Negocios.

The healthcare group said it would start accepting cryptocurrency payments beginning June 1, 2021, at its locations in Bilbao, Madrid, San Sebastián, Málaga and Lorca. Izquierdo explained that although they are not sure of the future, humans “are very capable of adapting to changes and what is coming is going to be a new revolution comparable to the appearance of the internet.” 

He added that cryptocurrency offers several benefits for both the entrepreneur and the client, including the facilitation of collections and payments without bank intermediation. This process eliminates high commissions and provides agility and other benefits such as security and transparency of transactions. 

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Izquierdo says that “in the field of private medicine, a new philosophy is promoted in which citizens have the power to regulate ourselves autonomously. After studying this technology for hundreds of hours, I have personally decided to add blockchain technology and digital currencies to the company.” 

“We believe in a global world that surpasses currency, languages, homelands, and religions, where there are resources for all and happiness — and not money — is the priority, the objective of all citizens of the world.”