Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tag: cryptography

Blockchain in telecom: ‘blockchain phones’ need to evolve to be taken...

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In the third installment of this special three-part Forkast.News series, we look at some phones on the market that bill themselves as ‘blockchain’ but are only doing a disservice to the industry.

Blockchain and telecom: HTC’s blockchain phone isn’t what you think it...

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Blockchain phones aren’t yet able to offer the ability to provide total security for your data.

Data privacy is forever changed. Zero-knowledge proofs are enterprise’s solution |...

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Innovations in privacy-enhancing technology can address the challenges confronting enterprises from a regulatory, security and competitive perspective, writes Jonathan Rouach, CEO and cofounder of QEDIT.

Giving patients power over data builds trust in health care, says...

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Using blockchain to handle patients' data can lay the groundwork for genetic tests, telemedicine and AI.