Blockchain company Huobi Group has announced the launch of a Blockchain Assets Center to provide a standardized, streamlined process for projects seeking to list on its cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global.

Fast Facts:

  • The new business unit — led by Ciara Sun, vice-president of global business and head of listing at Huobi Group — will manage token listings and delistings, including identifying projects, assessment and evaluation, investment, new venture incubation and operations. The process will strengthen Huobi’s security protocols and reduce the risk of insider trading or front running, according to a statement.
  • “Historically, digital asset listings have been difficult for both new and experienced projects to navigate,” Sun said in the statement. “We’re trying to put every department in every team that’s associated with the blockchain projects in one big team so we share the same goals and we have the same vision and we can do things faster, more efficiently and also serve the projects better,” she added in a follow-up interview with Forkast.News.
  • Huobi receives “hundreds of applications on a daily basis,” Sun said. “We definitely are seeing more institutions coming into the market, and more projects in different areas for different types of technologies in blockchain are now appearing in the markets, such as DeFi, NFT, layer 2. A lot of the different ecosystems around big public chains are now booming, like Solana,” Sun added. “That’s why we’re now putting more resources and time investing in projects and also supporting early-stage projects.”
  • The new Huobi Blockchain Assets Center, together with Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund, will invest in early-stage projects and provide support from coaching and advisory to marketing and technical guidance. “Long-term survival for blockchain projects is really important, and it’s the key for the whole space, the whole industry to scale,” Sun said.
  • Huobi’s move comes as institutional and retail interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects continues to grow. This week, El Salvador’s legislative assembly passed a bill to make Bitcoin legal tender in the country.