Consumer adoption of cryptocurrencies has grown, with 38% of respondents to a survey saying they have either invested in or bought a cryptocurrency, according to digital wallet provider Skrill, part of Paysafe, a payments company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fast Facts:

  • Skrill’s survey, carried out between March and April among 8,111 consumers in the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy and Bulgaria, found that 84% of respondents had heard of at least one cryptocurrency, with 64% aware of Bitcoin.
  • The survey found that the next-best-known currencies were Bitcoin Cash (31% of consumers were aware of it), Ethereum (22%) and Litecoin (19%), with ownership rates following a similar trend.
  • In its first-quarter 2021 financial highlights, Paysafe, which had launched a cryptocurrency offering in the U.S. in partnership with Coinbase, reported that it was expanding in emerging verticals across digital wallets, eCash and eCommerce.
  • “Cryptocurrency adoption has rapidly increased to heights nobody could have imagined even two years ago,” said Rossen Yordanov, senior vice president, Skrill and NETELLER, at Paysafe. “We’re seeing that crypto is no longer a niche phenomenon, and our research provides further evidence of that, but there’s a significant opportunity to grow awareness about its potential for payments and transfers.”