China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) — a public-private nationwide infrastructure project to spur mass adoption of blockchain technology — is setting up more portals overseas, as it moves a step closer to more international exposure.

Fast facts

  • Red Date Technology, the company China tapped to manage its BSN, announced today that it is working to launch its third and fourth international portals in Turkey and Uzbekistan, in partnership with Turkish Chinese Business Matching Center.
  • These new BSN portals are expected to launch by the end of December, the company said.
  • The BSN portals are designed to provide a platform for the development of blockchain services in Turkey and Uzbekistan, in a goal of offering more cost-effective solutions to develop blockchain applications in interoperability environments.
  • The BSN integrates frameworks such as Ethereum, Algorand, EOS, Polkadot, NEO, Tezos, Oasis, Hyperledger Fabric, ConsenSys Quorum, and Corda. It is also supported by cloud services, including Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Red Date’s latest moves followed its previous announcements to set up BSN portals in Hong Kong and South Korea.
  • “Turkey has long played a role as a bridge between Asia and Europe and so it is fitting that the first BSN portal outside of Asia will be launched there,” Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology and executive director of the BSN Development Association, said in a statement.