Axie Infinity’s founder has announced that the company’s non-fungible token market trading volume hit US$1 billion this morning, having already announced that it had more than 1 million daily active players last Friday.

Fast facts

  • DappRadar shows the Axie NFT market now has a trading volume of US$1.126 billion, ranking first among all markets. It had a total of US$781.318 million over the past 30 days, gaining 206.07%. Token terminal shows that its token, AXS, has risen 159.11% in 30 days to trade at US$44.14.
  • Axie Infinity is a game inspired by Pokémon, which bundles money and game playing. Players can obtain an electronic pet named an Axie by purchasing NFTs, and then get more tokens through breeding, fighting and selling advanced pets’ NFT. Players can exchange the tokens for fiat currency.
  • Axie is now still in its internal alpha stage, not yet released on regular app outlets. Its Twitter account said the number of Axie owners was less than 1 million since some players had downloaded the game without playing it.
  • Game data analysis agency InvestGame says 24 blockchain game companies completed a total of US$476 million in financing in the first half of this year.