Sky Mavis, the developer of the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity, delayed its highly anticipated Origin upgrade in response to the recent hack worth over US$600 million on its Ronin network. 

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Fast facts

  • The Vietnam-based developer’s new Origin upgrade will now launch on April 7, as the company shifts its focus towards investigating the hack and recovery of the lost funds. 
  • The hack occurred on March 23, with 173,600 Ether and 25.5 million USDC stablecoins stolen. 
  • Axie Infinity characters are the most sold non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of all time, and the game has over 2 million daily active players
  • Players need to purchase NFT characters known as Axies to participate in the game’s economy, but high starting fees have been an obstacle for players with lower crypto holdings
  • The new upgrade has been creating a buzz among fans, as the game aims for a free-to-play shift by offering some starting Axies for no cost. 

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