With the Cardano blockchain now supporting smart contract capabilities, developers will soon be able to upload their decentralized applications (DApps) and make them available to others through a Plutus dAppStore, according to a blog post by Input Output HK (IOHK) ahead of the Cardano Summit taking place this weekend.

Fast facts

  • “The store will provide a trusted, and democratized environment for developers to publish their DApps without facing censorship,” wrote Shruti Appiah, head of product at IOHK, the company behind the Cardano project.
  • The Plutus dAppStore is intended to address the lack of a formal discovery process for DApps and provide a consolidated view of all DApps available in a given ecosystem to users, Appiah wrote. Users would be able to access the Plutus dAppStore using a web browser. A preview of the dAppStore will showcase during the Cardano Summit.
  • A certification program would also be introduced to prevent code-level security vulnerabilities through automated logic checks, manual smart contract auditing and formal verification of the smart contract. “Any DApp can exist on the store, whether certified or uncertified, but we will provide users with clear information about a particular DApp’s certification status,” Appiah wrote. “The dAppStore seeks not to act as gatekeeper (or judge) but rather to provide a platform for transparent user assessment.”
  • In the longer term, IOHK hopes to have more user-designed tools that will enable users to provide feedback on the DApps in the store.