Singapore-based Ontology, a high-speed, low-cost open-source blockchain focused on decentralized identity and data, announced a partnership with bloXMove, a European business-to-business company working to build the framework for a worldwide decentralized mobility infrastructure.

Fast facts

  • The partnership is focused on a problem arising from the proliferation of transportation apps — such as for buying train and bus tickets and sharing rides, cars, bikes and scooters — which is that the apps do not talk to each other so the user must apply for each app individually.
  • BloXmove will integrate Ontology’s decentralized digital identity protocol (DID) into its platform, which would give users a decentralized identifier that will allow them to share credentials such as driving licenses; the transfer would be totally private, secure and encrypted. Users may also securely store multiple identifiers.
  • Payments can be automated and secured via BLXM, the BloXmove token. Ontology will support token generation for bloXmove, whose access token smart contracts will be deployed on the Ontology chain. Ontology also enables interoperability with other public blockchains. 
  • “The fragmentation of the urban transport industry means there is a great need to fortify user security and data through decentralized technologies. bloXmove is doing amazing work to streamline the user journey and now, by integrating Ontology’s DID and data solutions, the whole ecosystem will be made easier to navigate, more private, and more secure,” stated Ontology founder Li Jun. “We look forward to supporting bloXmove in creating the biggest global mobility alliance connecting bikes, scooters, car-sharing, trains and more.”
  • “Decentralized identifiers are the crucial addition to blockchain to create real-world business applications. This collaboration will bring us to the next level of mobility service roaming and decentralization,” stated bloXmove cofounder and CTO Harry Behrens.