Mythical Games, a California-based studio that developed non-fungible token (NFT) game Blankos Block Party, focuses more on in-game assets than the earning aspects of its games, Chief Executive Officer John Linden told Forkast on Tuesday at Korea Blockchain Week 2022.

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Fast facts

  • “We are going to play a little bit with very specialized tokens, but we don’t really call it ‘play-to-earn,’” Linden said. “The way we talk about it now is ‘play-and-own’ because, again, we’re really more focused on the assets.”
  • “We really think the focus should be on ownership of these [assets] and being able to trade and sell these characters because there’s natural value in those,” he said.
  • Linden’s comment comes as the emerging play-to-earn gaming industry is pivoting to a “play-and-earn” model and focusing more on developing the fun part of their gameplay.
  • “The reason why play-to-earn games have not been sustainable to date is that the supply and demand within the ecosystem was not properly designed and was solely funded by the initial investment from new users,” Daiki Moriyama, director of blockchain-based game infrastructure firm Oasys told Forkast last month.

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