Studio 369, the video game developer behind the blockchain-powered “MetalCore,” has secured US$5 million in a new funding round to further develop the game’s unique features and expand its ecosystem.

The funding round included investments from Delphi Digital, Bitkraft Ventures, Sanctor Capital, Spartan Group, King River Digital Assets, and Arrington Capital.

The game, which is currently in closed beta, is expected to launch an open beta by the end of the year and is listed for early-access play on the Epic Games Store.

The additional capital will be allocated to the continued development of MetalCore, with a focus on implementing a mission system that uses artificial intelligence to create varied assignments and tasks for players.

The integration with the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem will allow developers to deploy custom smart contracts and provide a gas-free experience for users, enabling them to upgrade and craft in-game items, make purchases, and earn rewards without transaction fees.

MetalCore is an open-world Player Versus Player (PVP) shooter game, where players can battle other players or AI-enhanced enemies.