Input Output Hong Kong has announced on Twitter that it has launched AlonzoBlue2.0 to the Cardano testnet. AlonzoBlue1.0 launched late last month.

Fast Facts:                        

  • Input Output Hong Kong said AlonzoBlue2.0 brought an important update to the command line interface that will allow all future smart contracts to be built upon. Stake pool operators have 24 hours to update their nodes before running test scripts.
  • AlonzoBlue is part of a series of upgrades that will bring smart contract capabilities to the blockchain and allow the development of decentralized apps on the network. It is being rolled out in three phases: Blue first, to be followed by White and Purple over the course of 90 days. It is expected to be complete by the end of August.
  • The Alonzo upgrade will eventually support an ERC20 converter, which will allow ETH tokens to run on Cardano.
  • ADA — the native currency of the Cardano network — is currently the fifth-largest coin, with a market cap of just over US$51 billion. It was trading at US$1.60 at press time.