Hong Kong residents spend the most time online – almost half of their lives – mainly watching videos on YouTube followed by scrolling through social media channels, according to a new survey by virtual private network provider NordVPN. 

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Fast facts

  • The survey also pointed out that about 60% of Hong Kong respondents rely on the internet on a daily basis and share a lot of sensitive information.
  • Among the most publicly disclosed details are date of birth (58%), names and surnames (50%), full address (37%), relationship status (27%), national insurance number (23%) as well as pictures of themselves and their family (22.5%). 
  • Every fifth person in Hong Kong publicly disclosed their clothing size (20%) and bank details (19.6%).
  • NordVPN commissioned the survey, which was conducted by external company Norstat on Aug. 16-25.
  • Among the countries surveyed, the Japanese spent the least time online.
  • The U.K. is second to Hong Kong for time spent on online games, while Americans lead a generally balanced digital life, the survey found.

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