A panel of 36 industry experts revised down the year-end price target set for the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by more than 11%, according to a report by Finder, an Australian fintech.

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Fast facts

  • Ethereum’s price is expected to rise to US$5,783 by the end of 2022 from its current level of around US$2,800.
  • But the latest target is more than 11% lower than the US$6,500 year-end estimate set in January. 
  • Despite that, if Ethereum manages to reach the new estimate by the end of the year, it would surpass its all-time high of US$4,878.26 set last year. 
  • The panel predicts Ethereum price will reach US$11,764 by 2025 — an 8.8% increase from the January prediction. 
  • Despite the cool-off in price expectations, 61% of the experts believed it is time to buy Ethereum while 32% suggested holding. Only 9% advised selling the cryptocurrency. 
  • Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s year-end target was revised lower to US$65,185 from US$76,360 in January, by Finder’s panel of experts.

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