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Lachlan is a journalist and producer at Forkast working from Melbourne, Australia. His work can be found in numerous magazines in Australia on topics ranging from culture to science. Lachlan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Macleay College in Australia.

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September 2022

MicroStrategy and Michael Saylor sued by District of Columbia for evading taxes

The software enterprise company is accused of helping Saylor misstate his residential address to avoid paying taxes in a district where residents pay the most in federal taxes per capita.

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Bitcoin fluctuates, Ether gains, MATIC jumps on Robinhood inclusion

Markets: Bitcoin edges up; U.S. stocks, bonds post worst returns in 5 decades

September 2022

The X-to-Earn model: Eat, sleep, do almost anything and get paid in crypto

Are you a good runner? Or eater? Or sleeper? Chances are whatever you’re good at, there’s a Web3 project out there to reward you in crypto. But do the tokenomics stack up?

Siloed regulatory efforts unlikely to help bring oversight to highly decentralized crypto industry

Panelists speaking at Forkast’s recently live-streamed event “Crypto Rising: The future of crypto regulation: APAC and Beyond,” co-hosted by Crypto Council for Innovation (CCI), said there need to be international cooperation among regulators from around the world to make any oversight of the crypto industry effective.

Crypto miners plan to fork Ethereum, will it make a difference to the Merge?

Ethereum has by far the most developers from DeFi projects to NFTs so how are they expected to respond to a plan by Etheruem miners to fork the network, a move miners argue is needed to stay in business.

Australia’s crypto industry split on Treasury’s ‘token mapping’ scheme

The Treasury Department says its plan for how to regulate cryptocurrencies is unlike anything else in the world, but the country’s crypto industry isn’t sure that’s a good thing.

Liquidity crunch may loom for Bored Ape-collateralized loans as floor price slides

Not every NFT collection is facing the same issue, but due to the collection’s outsized influence it could have a significant impact on the rest of the Ethereum NFT ecosystem.

Who fared worse in cryptocurrency slump: criminals or legitimate users?

Report by Chainalysis says both use cases fell in dollar terms in first half of year and while legitimate usage by value far exceeds criminal, illicit activities fell by a much narrower margin.The report attempts to explain why.

Australia’s Holon Global got ahead of BlackRock with funds shrugging off crypto winter

Australia’s retirement fund industry, the world’s fifth largest at US$2.3 trillion, is one future target for investment funds offering cryptocurrencies.

BlackRock backflips on Bitcoin as latest institution to see promise in crypto

Something of a sea change? Financial institutions that once turned up their noses at cryptocurrencies are now figuring out ways to get access for their clients.

Vitalik Buterin says he used Tornado Cash to donate to Ukraine

Amid debate over the U.S. Treasury Department’s banning of the crypto mixer, the Ethereum cofounder said he used the service to protect recipients.

Chainalysis says $2 bln stolen in cross-chain bridge hacks this year, more expected

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis says cross-chain bridges that allow transfer of assets between independent blockchains are among the highest risk protocols in the blockchain industry for scams and bad actors. Chainalysis in a new report estimates that US$2 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen from cross-chain bridges across 13 attacks so far this year, […]

Welcome to Web3, (hopefully) not a bigger monster than its version 2 sibling

How does a centralized internet browser plan for a decentralized future? Reinvention, and finding a receptive audience. First stop, Southeast Asia.

New US bill to give CFTC oversight of cryptocurrencies may speed up crypto legislation in other markets   

The U.S. bill to bring cryptocurrencies under the oversight of the Commodities Futures and Trading Commission is likely to hasten legislation of such digital assets around the world.

NFT sales limp into August with a 25% drop from June to July amid crypto slump

Market analysts are mixed on outlook for non-fungible tokens, as some see mostly gloom, others point to glimmers of optimism.

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Markets: Bitcoin edges up; U.S. stocks, bonds post worst returns in 5 decades

Markets: Bitcoin dips back below US$20,000, Ether falls in boxed-in crypto market

Argentine province Mendoza to accept cryptocurrency as payment for taxes

Markets: Bitcoin back above US$20,000; Ether, Ether Classic jump ahead of merge

ENS domain name expires as developer is in prison, becomes up for grabs in Sept.

Markets: Bitcoin stays below US$20,000 Monday morning after Friday Fed shock

Markets: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic lead crypto gains as Bitcoin posts modest gains

Tether says didn’t freeze sanctioned Tornado Cash addresses so as to not interfere in investigations

Markets: Bitcoin treads water, Ether Classic gets a bump, Cosmos gains on Kujira news

Coinbase hit with lawsuit over allegedly poor security

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether gain with most of crypto top 10; BNB slips, U.S. equities flat

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether mixed; Solana hit six-week low overnight, Dogecoin dips

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether gain; BNB best performer among top 10 tokens

Run-to-earn protocol Stepn announces NFT project colab with Atlético de Madrid

Bitcoin, Ether fall in broad crypto pull back; memecoins reverse gains

BAYC NFT sells for 777 Eth, worth US$1.4 million, amid crypto downturn

Australians can now use crypto to buy gasoline, Krispy Kreme donuts

Despite crypto downturn, illicit activity outpaces legitimate uses

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether decline; memecoins fall back, XRP holds gains

Australian superannuation and institutions await clarity to invest in crypto

Huobi to end crypto derivatives trading in New Zealand

Fed issues guidelines for crypto banks to enter central banking system

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether fall; Dogecoin outperforms, Cardano edges higher

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether fall in Asia trade amid growing concern about China’s economy

Binance receives in-principal approval to operate in Kazakhstan

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether fall; memecoins lose steam, BNB edges higher

Markets: Bitcoin little changed, Ether dips below $2,000, Memecoins surge

Ethereum Merge may be ahead of schedule

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether retreat as investors digest inflation, Blackrock developments

Coinbase under investigation by SEC, quarterly report reveals

Markets: Bitcoin, Ether rise with equities as US inflation shows signs of slowing

Markets: Bitcoin falls as crypto market loses steam, equities dip ahead of inflation data

Circle freezes smart contract addresses linked to blacklisted Tornado Cash

Markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum gain amid broad crypto rally; Polkadot jumps

Markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum rise in broad gains; Solana jumps; BNB adds to surge

Bitcoin, Ethereum edge up; BNB rises; Avalanche adds to gains on partnerships

BlackRock, Coinbase partner to extend crypto trading to institutional investors

Bitcoin, Ether trend lower, BNB adds to gains, Flow jumps on Meta NFT Integration

MicroStrategy’s share price hits 2-month high following Saylor reshuffle

Bitcoin, Ethereum little changed; Solana still lower after network hack

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor moves to chairman role to focus on Bitcoin

Bitcoin falls in market downtrend, ETH treads water, ETC and CRO edge up

Prominent Chinese ETH miner plans proof-of-work fork amid The Merge

Bitcoin, Ethereum lose ground; Polkadot skids after near six-week run up

Meta’s attempts at building a metaverse will ‘misfire’: Vitalik Buterin

Bitcoin, Ethereum fall back after posting monthly gains for July

August 2022

Bad actors in North Korea, Russia send record-high funds to crypto mixers

A new report by Chainalysis shows that sanctioned actors, especially in North Korea and Russia, are sending record sums to crypto mixers.

FastForkast headlines

Bitcoin, Ethereum fall back after posting monthly gains for July

Crypto continues tear while Vitalik Buterin says Eth2 ‘not priced in’

Lido Finance floats 2nd proposal to sell LDO to Dragonfly Capital

Crypto, traditional markets see bump as Fed raises rates

Crypto market quickly rebounds after IMF predicts increased recession risk

Crypto exchange Kraken reportedly under investigation for Iran sanctions breach

‘Soft rug pull’ sees US$4.5 mln in TEDDY memecoin sold over weekend

Zipmex says considering possible offer

Minecraft developers not looking to integrate NFTs