Smart MFG, a blockchain-based supply chain decentralized finance firm, has integrated with Polygon to launch Phigital, a 3D marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Fast facts

  • Phigital will focus on interoperability of 3D assets across metaverses, and NFTs with real-world use cases.
  • The movement of different assets and NFTs across metaverses has been one of the biggest pain points for the industry so far due to inconsistency in graphic formats and attributes.
  • Users can pay using MFG, ETH, MATIC and fiat currencies at the 3D NFT marketplace, with stablecoin USDC set to kick off additional payment options throughout the year.
  • Smart MFG’s MFG token rose by almost 17%, while Polygon’s MATIC is up by 10% over the past 24-hours, as of press time.
  • The beta version of the Phigital marketplace is scheduled to launch in Q1 2022.