TRON DAO announced it has added US$500 million in USDC to its reserve to bolster its algorithmic stablecoin’s dollar parity, but USDD has been off its peg to the greenback for about two days. 

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Fast facts

  • The TRON DAO Reserve claims that USDD is collateralized at 310%, backed by Bitcoin, USDT, USDC and TRX. 
  • TRON DAO’s reserves held around US$1.494 billion in cryptocurrencies, pushing USDD’s collateralization rate to 206.55%, as of publishing time, according to Forkast’s calculations. 
  • The researcher added that US$140 million worth of USDT in TRON DAO’s chest have been deposited into lending and borrowing protocol JustLend, which can be exposed to smart contract exploits and risks. 

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