The UK Law Commission has proposed a draft bill that would officially classify cryptocurrencies as a distinct category of personal property, providing greater legal certainty for digital assets.

The bill, if passed, would enable stronger enforcement of property rights in crypto-related legal disputes.

The proposal aims to accommodate the unique features of digital assets, such as crypto-tokens and crypto assets, within the common law system of England and Wales by recognizing them as a third category of property.

The Law Commission suggests that courts may need assistance from an industry panel to navigate the technical complexities of emerging technologies and recommends a multi-disciplinary team to help market participants protect their assets.

The initiative is part of the UK’s efforts to advance crypto regulations and attract technological development, positioning England and Wales as a global financial hub for digital assets.

The UK has already seen several crypto firms register in the region, and the Financial Services and Markets Bill, which received royal assent last year, has laid the groundwork for further regulatory developments.