Forty top corporations invested about US$6 billion into blockchain startups between September 2021 and June 2022, according to an analysis by blockchain data platform Blockdata. As some investments involved participation from multiple investors, Blockdata said it was not clear how much each company invested in one particular project.

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Fast facts

  • Among the 40 corporations, Samsung invested in 13 companies, while Citigroup made six investments, and Goldman Sachs invested in five, according to the report.
  • The investors in the biggest funding rounds included Google parent Alphabet (US$1.5 million in four rounds), BlackRock (US$1.2 million in three rounds), Morgan Stanley (US$1.1 million in two rounds), Samsung (US$979 million in 13 rounds), Goldman Sachs (US$698 million in five rounds), BNY Mellon (US$690 million in three rounds), and PayPal (US$650 million in four rounds).
  • A total of 61 blockchain or crypto companies — active in over 20 industries and 65 use cases — received funds across 71 rounds, the report said. 
  • Of these, 19 companies offering some form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) belong to industries such as gaming, arts and entertainment, and distributed ledger technology, the report said.

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