Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tag: digital currency

Analysis: Are the ‘digital dollars’ in the $2 trillion stimulus plan...

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Coronavirus' impact on the U.S. economy might hasten the creation of a digital dollar.

Digital commerce leader ‘gravely concerned’ over U.S. losing edge in tech,...

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The Chamber of Digital Commerce is "gravely concerned" about how the U.S. Government is addressing technological challenges and opportunities posed by blockchain according to founder and president Perianne Boring. The U.S. could be ceding technological leadership as well as the dollar's reserve currency status to other nations including China if it does not revamp policies toward emerging blockchain innovation.

After China’s digital currency, Indonesia may blueprint its own in 2020

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As China's digital currency is said to be "progressing smoothly," Indonesia is also working on releasing their own white paper this year, according to Indonesian Blockchain Association cofounder Pandu Sastrowardoyo.

Inside China’s vision to globalize its currency

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The central bank’s digital currency efforts, ironically, would give it more control over the economy.