Some 97% of Binance’s scrutinized crypto liabilities are collateralized by Bitcoin and Wrapped Bitcoin, according to a report by auditing firm Mazars about Binance’s proof of reserves. 

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Fast facts

  • The scope of scrutinized assets covers Bitcoin and two wrapped Bitcoins (BBTC and BTCB) on the blockchains of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Binance Smart Chain, said the report by Mazars that is based in the British Virgin Islands.
  • If the “out-of-scope” collateral – referring to collateral other than Bitcoin or wrapped Bitcoin – is included, the scrutinized liabilities would be 101% collateralized. But the report did not disclose more details about the definition of “out-of-scope” assets.
  • Mazars published the report under an agreement with Binance that lets it conduct due diligence and report the findings.
  • Marzars had also received clearance from Binance’s management to inspect on-chain assets “in-the-scope,” according to the report.

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