Solana-based Froganas non-fungible tokens collection experienced a 111.88% increase in sales to US$1.16 million, coupled with a doubling of transactions to lead all NFT collections on Monday.

Howdy Hats also saw a substantial rise of 19.12% in sales and an 184.55% increase in transactions, as the two Solana-based collections topped the day’s sales charts, according to CryptoSlam.

Despite the market-leading performances from Solana’s NFTs, the blockchain itself trailed Ethereum and Bitcoin in blockchain NFT sales.

On the Ethereum platform, Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) recorded a 24.48% increase in sales, reaching US$1.02 million, with a slight 5.56% uptick in transactions.

BAYC maintains its position as the second-highest in all-time sales with US$3.1 billion.

BAYC and the two Solana projects were the only three projects to have at least US$1 million in sales on Monday.

DMarket on Mythos Chain recorded just under US$1 million in sales after an 11% decline as the day’s fourth-best performing collection.

Similarly, Bitcoin’s NodeMonkes and JIGO BRC-20 NFTs experienced downturns in both sales and transactions.

On the Bitcoin network, uncategorized BRC-20 and Ordinals assets posted US$1.9 million and US$2.6 million respectively.

Each asset class recorded sales exceeding the entire Polygon network’s US$1.01 million, ranking it fourth in the day’s blockchain rankings.